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Meet the man shifting tequila drinking culture with Cenote

You are out there getting “lit” and you don’t even know what you’re drinking. Then allow me to put you on to one of the most poppin’ spirits to ever touch my tastebuds — Stoli Group’s Cenote Tequila.

Trust that there will be neither an intense infliction of pain as the lamer brands slide down your esophagus stinging all the way to your liver nor a dry heaving need for water the next day.

Compared to its competitors, Cenote Tequila is crisper, puts better vibes in the atmosphere, and promises you a more memorable experience.

Cenote Tequila is a modern tribute to ancient Mayan ideas and draws inspiration from the spectacular underground water systems unique to the Yucatán Peninsula. In fact, cenotes were revered by the Mayans as they believed the natural and sacred wells were inhabited by the gods.

With that said, it’s obvious that the Stoli Group liquor is looking to shift the tequila drinking culture. This is why Kulture Hub couldn’t resist catching up with the master distiller behind the brand, Arturo Fuentes.

Born and raised in Mexico Fuentes explained to us the patience it takes to make a top-shelf great tasting liquor. He told me,

“Tequila is the world’s largest growing drink. I have many years in the industry and I have seen its transformation to now be considered a first-level drink. But to get a tequila that will achieve this recognition and this position, patience is needed. You must wait for 6-7 years for the agave to come to its adequate maturity and be rich in sugars, clean and free of diseases, etc. The parameters of cooking will give us the necessary transformation of sugars as well as the application of the adequate yeast in the fermentation process and the obtaining of the heart of double distillation allows us to create this final, unique and best product.”

To get to this point in his illustrious career Cortes had to flex extremely hard. Before creating Cenote he mastered the art of making cognac and champagne in France, rum in Mexico, and tequila in Jalisco.

His educational background proves that he was made for this industry too. At 14-years-old, he made the decision to chase his dreams and move to Mexico City. These were some of the hardest times during his life but Fuentes still managed to obtain a degree in chemical engineering. Proving his dedication, even more, there were times where he went without food and a place to live.

Fuentes tenacious work ethic, for sure, paid off. Still, he said he had to fail forward “many times” before finally revealing a tequila the world was ready to taste. He expressed how he’s gotten better over the years in order achieve the best product possible. He said,

“I have always worked with a lot of responsibility and care for quality and I developed many brands, always learning from before to get better. All that experience I have used to achieve now the best product.”

Fuentes takes pride in what he does. He makes sure that he is included in every part of the double pot still distillation process of Cenote. All three premium flavors, blanco, reposado, and añejo, are nurtured to perfection.

He’s at the source when Cenote taps into the artesian well which sits at the base of the Jalisco volcano located at their distillery, is constantly ensuring that the Weber blue agave used in the tequila is harvested at the right time, and oversees the barrel management process making sure that all the complex flavors of his tequila are properly balanced.

Fuentes also assured that Cenote not only takes pride in their product but they also are committed to caring for the environment. To him, “creating a great tequila is more than just developing a good liquid, good manufacturing practices and a commitment to the environment is important” so that the process can continue for years to come.

This is a liquor brand you can trust as Cenote uses solar energy, has a plant for the treatment of their waste, do not contaminate clean water sources, and are a certified clean.

The master distiller expressed the satisfaction he feels as an integral part of the production and success of Cenote Tequila. He said,

“It is a source of pride to be a part of the production and success of Cenote Tequila so it is important that I get to be a part of all pieces of the process. Also, I really enjoyed being able to travel to bars and restaurants in New York recently, as being able to receive their points of view and congratulations from owners, waiter, and bartenders about the aroma and flavor to the Cenote Tequila helps to prove to us that we are doing it right.”

With each sip, Fuentes hopes that Cenote will bring people together. He has faith in changing the way consumers taste tequila and is looking to teach them to appreciate the spirit’s distinct “characteristics and nobility to the palate.”

Fuentes expressed how he looks to change the tequila industry. He said,

“People take their tequila like they like them or how they learned to drink it, but it is important to teach people to taste the tequila, so they will learn to appreciate its characteristics and nobility to the palate. Only like this will they distinguish wonderful qualities. After many years of producing tequila, we feel like with Cenote we finally got the tequila we’ve been looking for. We hope that this is a tequila that brings people together. Stoli Group sees great potential for Cenote Tequila, which allows the ability to step into a very dynamic category, as consumers have discovered sipping-grade tequilas.”

Years of hard work have gone into crafting Cenote. With that said, why would you choose a tequila you’re going to regret drinking? Stop playing Russian roulette and go with a liquor that is rich in flavor and culture.