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Meet the 3 guys serving up the best Gourmet chopped cheese in NYC

shmackwich team

Shmackwich is taking a New York City food classic and elevating it to new heights by upgrading its ingredients with their signature gourmet wagyu beef chopped cheese.

On the surface, the gourmet wagyu chopped cheese represents New York Cities’ rags to riches story, but beyond that, Shmackwich is the best quality in New York.

Photo Courtesy: @shmackwich

The low cost, essential ingredients, and quick deliverability make this an absolute go-to at every bodega. However, Schamckwich is thinking beyond the corner store with wagyu beef.

Shmackwich operates during the day at Solaro on 13th Carmine street in the West Village. This New York City food pop-up creates sandwiches that you can find on the streets and at a penthouse party. The gourmet wagyu chopped cheese is a representation of rags to riches.

“We touching some more money now and we want to upgrade how we live. You can’t put the finest designer on you and not the finest food in your body”

– Jordan DiNoia co-founder of Shmackwich

Cooking from the studio to the kitchen

Like many food ventures, Shmackwich started selling gourmet wagyu chopped cheese on Instagram. Midi, Jordan, and Sib are the minds behind Shmackwich. The trio came from different backgrounds but ultimately found a similar passion for food and culture.

From left to right: Chef Sib, Midi, Jordan DiNoia Photo Courtesy @img.mos

The name Shmackwich came from Jordan’s idea for a cannabis-infused sandwich that would leave diners “Shmacked.” Taking a page from the Pizza Pusha, Stoned Pizza playbook, Jordan wanted to deliver a bougie experience to everyday people. Although their everyday menu doesn’t include a cannabis-infused sandwich, your taste buds will be shmacked

“Food is my church. Its the last real untainted place for human interaction in the world, people can sit at a table and only focus on breaking bread for that moment”

– Jordan DiNoia co-founder of Shmackwich

In his travels and experience cooking, chef Sib was fascinated with Wagyu beef. Sib treats the kitchen like a music studio by composing recipes. Each ingredient built into a gourmet wagyu chopped cheese works together instead of combating each other. Making great food and connecting with people on a higher level is what drives him.

“Food is more than something you need to survive. Its something that creates community and breaks barriers”

– Chef Sib Co-Founder of Shmackwich

New, New York City food

Midi bridged all of this together in his studio in downtown Brooklyn. Midi was more than an average foodie. His passion for exploring food and culture was borderline religious.

The way he spoke about food was philosophical and enlighting. He and the Shmackwich mission to push the chopped cheese sandwich as something that can bring eaters together is what makes them an NYC food success.

“The chopped cheese is bigger than a deli sandwich. Its culture, its hip-hop, its late nights in the studio”

-Midi Co-Founder of Shmackwich
Photo Courtesy: @mrsaks5th

What makes a gourmet chopped cheese better than a regular chopped cheese? 

The ingredients for a chopped cheese sandwich are simple. Chopped up wagyu beef, cheese, and bread make a New Yorks’s classic sandwich. The Schmackwich gourmet Wagyu Chopped Cheese takes this concept to a whole new level.

Grilled Heritage Wagyu beef is chopped and topped with artisanal cheese. Their home blended spice packet and the secret sauce give the wagyu a distinct personality without taking away from the natural flavor. This is complemented by fresh vegetables in between fresh-baked bread. 

The gourmet wagyu chopped cheese solves all the problems the regular chopped cheese has. The traditional bodega chopped cheese sandwich is messy. The meat spills and the cheese is suspiciously watery.

The binding reaction of fresh, thick artisanal cheese with high-quality meat makes eating less hassle with a Schmakwich. The fresh ingredients make the gourmet wagyu chopped cheese-less oily leaving you feeling satisfied.

You can taste how each ingredient works with the other like a beautifully choreographed dance. 

“The reason why so many companies are successful is that they focus on their product. The whole thing at Shmackwich is the product, and we never do a wack product”

-Midi Co-Founder of Shmackwich

Collaboration made gourmet Chopped Cheese 

Photo Courtesy: @shmackwich

The Shmackwich gourmet wagyu chopped cheese is a first-class sandwich for those with a refined palate. Behind the scenes, however, they’re, in every sense of the word inclusive. Collaboration is the ingredient to success.

Shmackwich emphasis on using fresh ingredients is more than just marketing. The gourmet wagyu chopped cheese is, by all definition, New York City food. By keeping their ingredients locally sources, they can keep their carbon footprint low and keep track of where everything is produced.

Shmackwich collaborates with local businesses to provide ingredients for their gourmet wagyu chopped cheese. In doing so they created a metaphorical dinner table where the best New York food establishments build relationships and converse on a common level.

“How we were born was collaboration, therefore how we will live will be through collaboration as well, and how we will die will be lack of it”

– Jordan DiNoia co-founder of Shmackwich

More than just a sandwich

Photo Courtesy: @Shmackwich and Ivan Uskokvic

Food brings everyone together. The Shmackwich trio understood that the dinner table was a common space and that dining was a language that all New Yorkers spoke. The iconic New York City food classic that represents struggle is now a symbol of prosperity.

“This is healing, this love food is everything for us. It’s freedom now for us. Before it was sustenance, now it’s allowing us to be who we want to be and be our own bosses.”

-Jordan DiNoia co-founder of Shmackwich