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Meet Ninja, the Fortnite streamer making more money than rappers do

We’ve all heard this before, “Get off that video game and finish your homework!” I’m sure Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has too. However, his dedication to gaming is why he’s making more than most rappers do.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins got his start in 2009. Ninja was making some noise at a Major League Gaming event in Orlando, FL playing Halo. His big break didn’t come until the release of Halo: Reach in 2011 when Ninja began to separate himself from the pack.

Not even a year later after, Ninja won his first championship for Halo 4 as a member of the Warriors.

eSports is a legitimate source of income for competitive players who are serious about their craft. But after proving his dominance in the competitive Halo world, Ninja decided to go a different route. Putting his professional gaming career on pause, he turned to streaming.

Streaming services like Twitch and YouTube have made it easy for users to secure the bag while doing what they love. Just know if it was easy, everyone would do it. Not everyone can be as successful as Ninja, but it’s possible.

$350,000 is how much bread Ninja is averaging a month. To be able to pull in that kind of revenue based off the strength of your own name is incredible. Securing the big bags didn’t happen overnight. This is all a credit to Ninja’s grind.

It seems like we are now just discovering Ninja even though he’s been doing this for almost ten years. Ninja is recognized globally amongst gamers as the best Fortnite player in the world. Imagine being considered the best at something you do for leisure.

Instead of punching in and out of clock, doing the daily 9-5, Ninja’s hours vary. Sometimes he’s pulling all nighters, gaming ’till the crack of dawn. Sometimes he gets up before the roosters in the morning, downs some pancakes, and Fornite‘s it up all day.

Of course with major success comes a fair share of haters. There are many theories out there about how Ninja is racking up hundreds of thousands of subscribers so fast. Some streamers are claiming “sub bots” are the reason he’s clouting up so fast.

The simple fact is the blue-hair rocking Ninja just happens to be great at the most popular game, Fortnite.

Blevins isn’t afraid to be himself either. If you match that with his charismatic attitude, you can see why he’s taking over.

If you ask Ninja how business is going, he’ll probably say “boomin”.