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Meet Mélan, the Bronx emcee delivering sultry vibes with an original sound

Mélan grew up in the Bronx with three brothers who had an everlasting influence on her artistic edge. Since she was a child, music was heavy in Mélan’s life.

Each of her brothers had a role they played when it came to music, hardcore hip-hop having a deep effect on her come-up, acting as a game changer for the different sounds in which she would spit bars.

Mélan describes herself as having a “rough exterior” and being attracted to “boyish things.” Her musical influences seem to reflect on her personality, as she cites dominant names in the music industry to be her top picks; Erykah Badu, Biggie, Lauryn Hill, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Eve.

Mélan recalls getting in trouble for singing long to DMX,

“I would get in trouble for rapping DMX’s lyrics especially off of ‘It’s Dark and Hell is Hot’ the aggressiveness, I felt like I could relate but in some of his music a presence of vulnerability.”

Mélan is not your average rapper. Her words don’t follow a typical “flow,” but instead rest over a tangled beat. Raw bars and poetic tones mix together to form a unique sound and story.

“I would describe my music to be a mixture of raw bars with a sultry hit. Also a taste of poetry. Overall, I would say it’s an old school delivery with a new school vibe, a combination of various flows.”

She hopes to claim an unorthodox style of music, due to her poetic lines.

“I hold no punches with pieces of my life in songs like ‘Lettér’ and ‘Kéép On’, where I express my imperfections in the decisions I made with my life and those who are involved. Overall, I would say it’s an old school delivery with a new school vibe, a combination of various flows that I will soon make waves in the industry.”

So far, Mélan has worked with artists Ya Boy Majik and Cadence on mixes like “Tree House Vibes Vol. 1”, where she and Majik pass a harmonious melody back and forth:

Mélan is inspired by positivity and good vibes. Through her music she hopes to simply allow people to feel good.

“I want people to know and that we can feel good even through the hard times.”

Her unique ability and style inspires her to continue making music that relates to her everyday life.

“My focus at the moment is to drop my originality. The experiences, things I’ve seen, made me always want to write poetry and now I’ve transformed into music. Knowing my talent is my reason for being on this earth keeps me accelerating on, writing my music and releasing the vibe I do.”

Mélan’s talents seem to be moving her career in the music industry forward. With plenty of support, she’s has made it her goal to extend her sound beyond the genre of rap and hip-hop.

“It’s more of a goal to get it felt to the point where it’s translated everywhere beyond just hip hop lovers, but music lovers in general.”

In the next year, she hopes to expose her name much more throughout the world.

“Next year is definitely going to be an explosion of content with a taste of everything with always a piece of my own originality. Heavy promotion on all social media outlets, and breaking my image more into the scene. I want to see my name on almost every blog just creating that buzz and keeping thriftysoul alive.”

In the start of 2018, she plans on taking her project thriftysoul to the next level, highlighting the distinctive pieces in her album.

“Outside of music, I see myself making way more collaborations with dope artists and hitting up venues where more notoriety will be given. It shall be a year where Mélan’s name will be found all over Google through one click.”

She leaves upcoming emcees with advice as confident as her persona.

“Advice I would give is to keep making music and never get defeated. People will ignore you and brush you off, but you gotta remain focused. They will notice that tenacity for sure.”

As for sense of self, her confidence, and ability to maintain her image is very apparent. For Mélan, acceptance of one’s self is the most important lesson anyone breaking into the industry can carry with them.

“Comfort within self. Staying true to your image, and letting people know you’ve accepted the lessons learned. Spread positivity and hella good vibes for the people to feel they can make it through the hard times.”

Check out thriftysoul v.2, which is promised to include visuals soon.

“I’ll be creating more music and comedic skits that I would make to broaden my audience all over. Using different elements outside of music, I would eventually combined all together to tie it into my music persona overall and build hopefully a bigger fan base.”

We’ll be sure to see plenty more creative projects from Mélan, both musical and not. After thriftysoul‘s drop, there’s no doubt that the rapper’s talent is clear to see.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what other creative outlets she will take on!