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Meet Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton, the 11-year-old boxing and gymnastics prodigy

At only 11-years-old Javon “Wanna” Walton has already started making waves in the world of boxing and gymnastics. He got his nickname “Wanna” because he wanted to do everything when he was little.

Javon is defying the traditional route athletes usually take sticking to one sport. That’s not good enough for the 6th grader. He wants to go to Olympics for both sports.

This is the first time we have ever seen a kid like this. Despite being so young Javon has a crazy work ethic if he doing something he wants to do his absolute best no matter what it is and boxing and gymnastics are no exception.

Javon starts training early in the morning usually starting with boxing for a couple hours, then gets some schoolwork done, and then he will head to gymnastics practice. Then he will do some more boxing training at night time and then call it a day.

The determination that this kid shows is absolutely insane and has a team behind him that is pushing him to be his absolute best. He is trained by his father in boxing who recently opened a gym so they train daily. The young man has his goals set high and plans to surpass his old man one day saying,

“Man, I love my dad but when I grow up I’m really looking forward to sparring with my dad.”.

Yeah, this kid is absolutely wild.

He also has an older sister who is a gymnast and was influenced by her brothers work ethic. Now she’s boxing herself and absolutely hooked.

Javon was recently featured in an Ander Armour commercial featuring The Rock it called team UA Next.

He had to submit a video showcasing his skills as an athlete and he had to compete against thousands of kids and he was chosen along with some other phenomenal young athletes. When The Rock saw him, he knew Javon was the perfect fit.

The UA next campaign and commercial led to Javon develop more fame than he already had but despite being in this commercial his family is not letting the fame get to his head. His father said,

“The commercial has awarded him a lot of recognition but we are constantly reminding him that there are a lot kids out there that put a lot of work in and to be able to dedicate yourself and still have time to be a normal kid it’s cool to have a really big following on Instagram but unless you are really chasing your dreams and doing what you love to do all that really doesn’t matter.”

Cleary this kids has the work ethic and drive to get him where he needs to go and we can’t wait to see him in the Olympics in the future.