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Meet deezill, the rapper who is changing the norm in hip-hop

deezill is a rapper who’s effortlessly changing the norm in the music industry for the better.

His self-description reads that he’s a chill, funny guy who likes to be nice to everyone. Down the timeline, he’s done theatre, hence his theatrical nature, and YouTube videos.

Instead of sacrificing originality for fame, he paves the way for other distinct artists by working nonstop towards his dream.

Additionally, deezill pairs introspective lyrics with multi-genre offerings, often using upbeat elements to perk up an individual’s ears.

The themes explore deezill’s inner thoughts, all while giving listeners something to resonate with.

“I like to think of my music as chill,” he told me during our interview.

“Although the messages are melancholic, I always make sure the songs carry an upbeat production. Not to mention, my hooks make my music stand out. It’s never repetitive, but catchy.”

Flipping through his discography, you’ll also come to know that deezill takes a melodic approach when going bar for bar.

Before getting in the booth, he’ll rehearse his work at home, do demo recordings, and listen to them. After making sure that he’s got it down pat, deezill delves into focus mode and tries to relax.

The moniker deezill derives from a nickname he received in high school, which was Deez. From then to now, deezill has been a Kanye West fan.

During that time frame, deezill’s friends called him Deez and Deezy. Fast forward, and Deezill created the pseudonym that he uses today.

The name change occurred because of his love for classic Mercedes, which uses a turbo-diesel engine and the marijuana strain: sour diesel. Plus, deezill wanted to be unique.

If you doubt his love for Mercedes, look at the cover art for his mixtape, Old Sport.

His seven-track effort, Old Sport reels in at twenty-two minutes and fifty-seven seconds. The lyrics see deezill using his signature melodic side to speak about love, self-discovery, working toward his goals, and other things that are weighing in on the mental.

The song “Right Now” would be his theme song because it details what he faces today. You’ll need to listen to get the gist. In turn, deezill hopes that fans get an early 2000’s feel from the music compilation entirely.

Growing up, deezill was always surrounded by music, thanks to his older siblings. This factor ultimately ignited his passion. In the younger years, he lived off his older brother’s iTunes. He’d listen to rap icons like Eminem50 CentFat Joe, and Notorious B.I.G. 

Then, once he reached middle school, deezill started writing raps, often keeping notes on his phone. By his senior year, deezill wrote full songs because he and his friends would always chill and freestyle.

No one took it seriously, but he did. And with time on his side, he became better at it. Eventually, deezill started hanging with others who felt the same. They’d record the freestyles on his voice memo. Sometimes he’d even save them and go back to the songs so he could add more lyrics.

Subsequently, he took audio engineering his first semester in college, which pushed him to take it more seriously. Now, he’s been working on music for over a year.

During our Q&A, deezill unveiled that the journey has been challenging but fun and satisfying.

“It’s not always about the views, but the perception. When someone randomly texts you something they resonate with, it makes my day. It’s cool to be apart of someone’s life but not know them.” he continued.

His inspiration is a family friend named Will. Last year, he went to a family friend’s house, and his other family friend, Will, was visiting home from college.

After the first family friend mentioned their love for rap, Will and deezill started freestyling. Pretty soon, the two made music together every week, even going to the studio to work on some heat.

His latest release, “Slow Motion,” explores the trials and tribulations that come with self-discovery and reaching goals. It’s easy to feel discouraged when trying to nail your dream job, but you’ll be closer to it with a little resilience.

With all the pressure surrounding us, it can be frustrating not to know exactly what you’re destined to do as well. But, “Slow Motion” is an empowering track that symbolically gives the thumbs-up in terms of taking time to reach your end-goal.

“‘Slow Motion’ is about trying to figure out what you’re doing with life,” he says.

The line, “I’ve been moving slow, so what?’ defends the notion that you need to have everything planned out by a certain age. It’s about trying to figure out your path.”

The musical styling was inspired by Chance The Rapper. However, the underlying message was inspired by his friends and the way his life has been after college.

“Slow Motion” is a bubblegum offering full of lush synths, piano loops, kick-snares, and hi-hats. At first, deezill lets a few bars trail off before going in about what’s been on his mind and what he’s observed as he’s working toward his dream.

Then, as the song continues, deezill forewarns doubters, saying, “What ya gonna say/When the ice comes out to meet you?” He also speaks about those who’ve already accomplished what they wanted to.

The line he resonates with goes, “Father times been holding back affection.” because he’s asking what it’ll take to get to the next level.

The music video, directed by Spencer Muhlstock and Hayes Walsh, sees deezill on his skateboard while painting a yellow line. The line is a metaphor for the road that life takes you on and everything that you’re doing to get to where you want to be.

Afterward, expect shots of deezill lying on the ground and running in place over an upward line, playing with yellow paint, having fun with a fish-eye lens, and skating.

When he’s sitting in the sun, the painting symbolizes that you can’t always follow a specific path. There will be bumps along the way.

Check out the visuals for “Slow Motion” by deezill below: