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Meet Alex Hodgkinson: The inspiring entrepreneur behind ODR Studios

ODR, which stands for On Da Ronse, means have an idea and make it happen, and that’s exactly what Alex Hodgkinson, the founder, and CEO of ODR Studios did.

“[It] means have an idea and make it happen… [It’s] how this started. It’s basically our philosophy.”


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With just a dream of what he wanted to create, Hodgkinson set out to turn ODR Studios into a reality without a full-fledged game plan. But just about a year after finding the perfect abandoned factory space, he made that dream a reality.

“It’s got these Belfast trust roofs, they’re from the 1920s. You don’t see too many of those… [and] 9 by 9 foot factory windows, which let in a lot of light. Good soft light… Not too many spaces have this big of windows. They can really play well to different types of content creation.”

ODR Studios is unlike any other photo studio that you’ll see, so you know we had to pull up and see what was good. The space will blow you away, and Hodgkinson has the right swagger to make the whole thing work.

The studio, which is located in Newark, NJ, is a massive and eccentric space where Alex lives, operates his business, and hosts some of the dopest photo and video shoots happening in the game right now.

“It’s a different space than anything that you’ve been to. It’s just different, it’s unique.”

With little knowledge of photography, Alex still knew he wanted to have a wild space where he could host friends for events and parties.

And in April 2017, he started working on ODR Studios as a place to do just that. Furthermore, the studio is an interesting place for creatives to come and utilize.

“I love designing interior spaces and seeing how people interact with them. Basically trying to make the experience as cool as possible. And when I took on this project that was my idea.”

Since opening their doors in April 2018, ODR has had the likes of Vogue Magazine, James Rodriguez, Dua Lipa, and countless others use the space for shoots. Still, each shoot came with its own set of challenges.


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“Each shoot keeps you on your toes. You have the logistics of it…and then you have the talent.”

Despite the challenges, Alex and his team are always able to come through and deliver. Not only does the unique space itself draw people in but Alex’s dedication to making the experience as enjoyable as possible keeps people coming back. 

“We’re not a giant studio and don’t have chains, yet. So I’m able to cater to specific needs and things like that.”

The studio has built a community of creatives, fans, and supporters unlike any other that you’ll find at other studios out there. This sense of community keeps people coming back, even members of the Kulture Hub team.

We see you Goldyn.

Whenever the studio has events or screenings, homies of the studio roll through and show love. Through ODR, Alex is looking to grow this community of creatives and continue to expand on the early success.


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The Syracuse University grad has plans to start using other locations in Newark, while also continuing to improve the existing space. The new spaces will offer more ways for shooters to highlight their talents and grow on their own successes.

“How can I have people come in here and use the space? How can I make it as seamless and enjoyable for them as possible? And allow themselves to be creative and have the right things around?”

ODR will continue to find new spaces that can create crazy visuals for photographers and videographers to capitalize on.

Earlier this summer, Hodgkinson opened the ODR Beach House down the shore in NJ, where ODR hosted some of the hottest shoots of the summer. This is just the first of what is sure to be a long list of ODR shooting sites.

ODR Studios is definitely a place all young shooters should pull up for future shoots. The unique space, the tailored services, and the dope community are all aspects that can help up-and-coming shooters grow as artists.


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Beyond the OG and ODR Studios, we’re sure that Alex has more up his sleeve to wow us. We’re hype to see what’s coming next for him and the whole ODR community.

“[Maybe] trying to create some ODR sponsored or ODR produced content ourselves and putting those projects together.”

Alex’s hustler spirit is something that we can all draw from. No matter what your hustle may be, keep in mind these words of wisdom from the man behind ODR Studios.

“Just start and just get going on something and put everything into it and if you work hard enough day to day, normally something good will happen…Just start, have a crack.”

This advice is clearly something Hodgkinson has taken to heart, and it’s given us one of the dopest new creative spaces out here.