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Meet Aggy Abby the all-around female boss in Drake’s new video

Aggy Abby

When it comes to influencing it seems as if Aggy Abby runs the game. The proof is in the bio, fam, as it reads “i influence.

Still, it seems as if the stylish engagement connoisseur has all eyes on her as she has garnered more fame after making more than a cameo in Drake’s new video for his hit song “Laugh Now Cry Later.

Arriving at the Nike World Headquarters with the lightskin king in a Maybach concept car was only a tasty tease as thirsty onlookers couldn’t help but question: Who da fug is that baddie in the whip with Drake tho?

Poss, it’s Drake’s latest cuff but the pressing thoughts didn’t stop there. She seemed too swaggy in the video to just be some random vixen. And after doing some deep research, we found that she’s an absolute boss.

At 27 she’s made her way from the city of Newark, through the military, and onto one million different feeds. It wasn’t an easy glo-up as Abigail “Aggy Abby” Silva has been grinding since 2013.

In a 2017 interview with Llero, she said, “It started back in 2013, and I was in the military on my way of processing out…”

“I like to speak my mind, and when I was in the military, I didn’t really have too many people to talk to, so when they came out with the ability to make videos on Instagram, I was like, ‘Okay, well, f-ck it. I’m just going to speak my mind on Instagram.’”

And even in garnering hundreds of thousands of followers, she remained humble and genuine even when opportunities came knocking at her door.

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Bihh from the bottom like gravel. @fashionnova FashionNovaPartner Use my code XOAGGY

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Even back in 2017 she carefully curated the possibilities she wanted to procure.

“I was just going with the flow with everything. I was just taking opportunities as they were coming to me. Some things I had to say no to just because it didn’t feel right, it wasn’t genuine, or it wasn’t in my lane.”

Beyond her million man following on IG, Aggy Abby has got the numbers on YouTube. At just about 90,000 subscribers she’s been documenting her life for some time now.

From Aggy Abby in boot camp…

To Aggy Abby in labor,

Her fans have been there for it all.

Her content doesn’t stop there. The avid entrepreneur also has an Only Fans account, baby. Just last month Aggy Abby couldn’t help but flex the fan’s support in an IG post that has since been deleted.

In under 24 hours, she flexed over $20,000 in subscriptions, around $400 in tips, and just over $5,000 in revenue from messages alone. All for a total payout of $26,000 in straight-up racks.

And somehow we copped the proof though.

Aggy Abby

Things are looking up for the influencer and best believe we’re all here for her come up. Never stop grinding!

“Show them the rawness. Show them that you can live this Instagram fame and get money, but at the end of the day, you still come home to family and live a regular life. Everybody’s human at the end of the day. No matter how many followers you have, everybody still bleeds the same type of blood,” said Abby.

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Laugh Now Cry Later 💃🏻🕺🏻

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