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Man sends strippers to his neighbor’s house for four years, shwaps it from kitchen

In ratchet news today, a Nebraskan man is facing up to four year in prison over a series of incidents on his neighbor’s porch.

Douglas Goldsberry, 45, sent prostitutes to his neighbors porch so that he could watch them strip from his own house.

These incidents started in 2013, where the neighbor reported that about 30 times a year, women would just show up at his neighbor’s porch in the early mornings and late nights.

The women Goldsberry hired would then put on a little show, strip on the porch, and knock on the door of the neighbor, looking for their pay.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that Goldsberry would then masturbate, watching from his kitchen window.

The family has 2 small children, who would be woken up during these ritual dancers. According to the NY Daily News, the Deputy Attorney of Douglas County Chad Brown described the situation as “a really twisted and sick plot.”

“He derived pleasure out of how far he could control these women to see how far he could get them to go,” he added.

The charge was just the beginning for Goldsberry. Upon further investigation, Goldsberry was also charged for child pornography found on his electronic devices, and could face up to 20 years if found guilty.

“I have concerns for the safety of women, taxpayers and everyone else in Douglas County,” Chad Brown told he judge in the court room, “The state’s concern is fueled by his deviant, narcissistic appetite for his sexual desires.”

Goldsberry might have a possibility of probation, according to his lawyer.

“The best thing for Doug is to get treatment,” said his attorney Nathan Lab, “He put (the couple) through hell, there’s no denying that.”

Keep your kinks to yourself, folks.

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