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Madame Vo’s might be the most poppin’ Vietnamese restaurant in NYC

NYC has it all when it comes to food. The best pizza, fire Chinatown dim sum, culturally cunning food fusions, and pretty much any other food that you can imagine.

Still, for a while, it seemed like great Vietnamese food was the only thing missing. Madame Vo’s East Village Vietnamese Eats and homestyle cooking is here to fill the void.

This joint hits hard from the moment you walk in. Checking it out on a Friday night, it was easy to see that the spot was bumping.

The speakers were playing some fire tracks and the slick interior told me this place was no joke.  Still, what makes this place special definitely doesn’t stop with the atmosphere.

The menu featured traditional Vietnamese cuisine, slightly modified and updated to cater to trendy New York City diners.  Everything on the menu jumps off the page and keeps flavor-packed options open for anyone who peeks at it.

I couldn’t help but notice the table next to me enjoying bowls of what is surely some of the most banging pho on the East Coast.  And while nothing warms the soul on a chilly winter night like pho, I still felt like there was some other dish out there for me.

While surveying the menu, one plate in particular spoke to me more than any others. The bo luc lac – a seared ribeye w/ fried egg served w/ a side of rice.

Bruhhh….. to say my food was delicious would be a gross understatement.

My waiter (I’ll come back to this guy) was eager to break up the fried egg and mix it in with the beef.  Once I threw that on top of the rice, I was ready to dig the f*ck in.

The meal certainly did not disappoint. All of the apps were fire too.  The fried calamari with avocado dipping sauce was my personal favorite, but I encourage you to go and decide for yourself.

The food itself was enough for me to take a trip back. That combined with the atmosphere of this place will really pull anyone back.

A big draw of this place is how in touch with the kulture the restaurant seems to be. The music, the style, it all contributes to a feeling of this being a restaurant about more than just the food.

Waiters walk around wearing ‘anti noodle noodle club’ shirts and clean sneakers.  The staff is all extremely friendly and seem generally excited to be at work.

What owners Yen Vo and Chef Jimmy Ly understand about the dining experience is that it’s about more than just the food.

Good food will only get you so far. Creating a place where people can come enjoy that food, have some fun, and feel at home all at the same time will bring people back more than anything else.

Madame Vo’s certainly embodies that more than other restaurants I’ve eaten at recently.  And for that, they can certainly expect that I’ll be heading back there soon and bringing the homies.