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Lonzo Ball says how he really feels about his dad in hilarious Foot Locker ad

The NBA season is over so it’s officially time for the real storylines. Free agency, trades, and the draft all give us the #content we so desire after a kind of boring ass postseason.

This offseason will be particularly dramatic as teams will attempt to compete with the Warriors by assembling their own “super teams.”

At this point, it seems clear that the only way to compete for trophies in the modern NBA is to assemble three or more all-stars, even future Hall of Famers.

There are a couple ways to do this, signing a big free agent is obviously the most straightforward avenue. Teams can also rely on former players now being in front office positions and trading them stars for 50 cents on the dollar, like when Kevin McHale traded the Celtics KG or Jerry West traded the Lakers Pau Gasol.

Finally, you can draft the future stars of the league. This is probably the most difficult, risky, and most arduous path to assembling a super team, sorry Thunder, but if you get it right your team can develop over the course of years to become a juggernaut, look at the Timberwolves with their roster of young talent.

With the draft a week away (June 22nd in Brooklyn) the storylines are heating up, none of which are more prominent than Lonzo Ball and his dad LaVar.

As LaVar Ball’s antics create headline after headline, one has to wonder what his son actually has to say about the whole thing.

A new Foot Locker ad sheds some light onto exactly how Lonzo feels.

With the NBA Draft a couple days after Father’s Day (yes that’s on Sunday, go cop that tie) Foot Locker had suspected lottery picks Lonzo Ball, De’Aaron Fox, Jayson Tatum, and Jonathan Isaac talk about what dad means to them.

The ad starts off normally enough, with Fox, Tatum, and Isaac remembering how dad helped them with their game and took them fishing. Ball… has different memories of his father.

Lonzo doesn’t remember LaVar “waking up early to drive him to all those far away tournaments” like Jonathan Isaac does, rather when Ball’s dad “berates his high school coach” or “went on First Take and shouted back and forth with Stephen A. Smith.”

Lonzo goes on, I won’t ruin the best ones for you, peep the video for the full comedic experience.

This seems to be an ingenious marketing move by Ball. As his father has gone around comparing his son to NBA legends and reigning MVP’s, Lonzo has been pretty silent. This ad shows Lonzo frankly has his own personality separate from his father’s antics, which will be crucial as some teams are reportedly scared away by LaVar.

It’ll be interesting to see where Lonzo does end up. All signs point to the Lakers at the 2 pick (LaVar has told other teams not to draft his son), but Magic Johnson and co. are assessing their options, weighing up Kansas’ dynamic wing Josh Jackson as a possibility.

Whatever happens, the draft will be dope. We’re just excited the real NBA season has begun.