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Listen to Floyd Mayweather’s Spotify playlist to train like a champion

We all know the Floyd persona by now, he’s bigger than life, extravagant and his middle name might as well be money at this point. He makes this shit look easy but I know deep inside I’m not about to step in a ring 50 times and never lose.

Floyd’s legacy is more than safe by now and if you don’t think so I’m sure his new $3 million Bugatti (his 6th one btw) will tell you to shut the fuck up.

Amongst all these W’s that keep flying Floyd’s way, I have to wonder how he stays so consistent, he’s constantly been the top guy and villain for years and at 40 years old he looks determined as ever to get his money and stay elite.

A couple days before his last fight Floyd blessed everyone with his own curated playlist on Spotify appropriately named “Hard Work and Dedication.”

After bumping the 42 songs in the playlist I’m pretty sure I’m officially Money Team, the track list features massive songs that hit not just on the charts but sonically as well.

We have Drake’s “Free Smoke,” Ace Hood’s “Hustle Hard,” and of course Meek’s essential “Ima Boss.” This “Hard Work and Dedication” playlist shows just how Floyd has stayed so consistent… hard work and dedication duh!

It’s easy to look at someone like Floyd and knock him off as an arrogant dick but wouldn’t you be if you could make $300 million in a night?

Earlier this year during a Brooklyn press conference Floyd told the up and coming Adrien Broner,

“Always have patience, you go’n get to where you need to”.

Floyd wasn’t always making the money he is now but he continued working and knocking every one of his challenges down. We might not be able to be Floyd Mayweather, he even acknowledges he’s a different breed saying,

“There’s a difference between being talented and God gifted”

But we can practice his hard work and dedication so go bump that playlist and start working towards something!