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Lil Uzi is pushed to the edge, jumps off 20-foot stage in Miami

Lil Uzi is a wild boy. Hate on him all you want but this dude is 22 and getting money. With that being said, he’s been taking this whole rock star persona thing to new levels that just ain’t safe.

At the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami last night, this dude deadass jumped off a 20-foot stage and trusted his fans (the same fans that chase his ass around at shows, literally) to catch his fall.

Whose mans is this?!

Kid is insane. He could’ve gotten seriously hurt but you already know he would’ve finished the show regardless.

Uzi performed the wild stunt during the track “Money Longer” and the crowd completely  lost their shit. Of course there were multiple angles captured.

Here’s a better shot of before he leaped.

My man was looking like he was falling out a damn building! It’s safe to say that casual fans and even haters at this festival now have a newfound respect for him.

Here’s another shot from a little deeper out.

Of course, Twitter had quite a bit to say about all of this. As if Uzi wasn’t already great meme material, he’s getting credit for his ballsy move.

You already know he got the Jim Ross WWE treatment for jumping off the top rope!

Thankfully it didn’t end like this though.

He even got the Will Smith from Fresh Prince of Bel Air meme.

*Hits the blunt*

The truth is that Uzi is a legend now.

No matter what your opinion is of this kid, you have to respect him now for this stunt.