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Lil B calls Post Malone ‘thick’ in most bizarre Twitter beef of the year

Anyone who knows anything knows that Lil B aka the BASEDGOD is a prophet, philanthropist, and doer of all things good.

At the same token, anyone who knows anything knows that his media and Twitter presence is a vacuum of randomness that should be taken with a grain salt.

Post Malone learned that on Friday.

Lil B was a little all over the place as he decided to address everything from the pro-Black agenda to his admiration for white artists like Eminem, Beastie Boys, and Mac Miller.

In the midst of his rant, Lil B meandered to the topic of cultural appropriation in rap, pointing to Miley Cyrus and Post Malone as culprits.

Lil B’s thread of tweets were Gucci-like (right before going to jail). Whatever stream of consciousness he was riding, though with merit, in theory, was random and speculative. At least in Post Malone’s case.

It’s hard to say how serious Post Malone takes Lil B, but in a way, Lil B achieved his intended purpose — bringing awareness to cultural appropriation and authenticity in hip-hop.

And for that, thank you BASEDGOD. As for that last part about him being “Kim K thick,” IDK.

Peep his latest album, Black Ken below.