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#LetMaliaLive: The internet won’t let Malia Obama be a regular college kid

Barack Obama has undoubtably brought a lot of attention to himself and his family, you know, being the former United States’ president for 8 years and all, but one family member out of the Obama’s is feeling it the hardest.

Malia Obama has been put in the spotlight over and over again, having her life and every move criticized by the media. Now, Malia is a student at Harvard, following her parents’ footsteps in her education, and is subject to more scrutiny than ever.

After breaking news dropped that Malia was smoking in a bathroom probably leaked by her friend, and- gasp- kissing someone who has since come out as her boyfriend, a new movement has rose from the ugly pits of journalism news and taken over the internet.

“Fucking get your camera right now,” overlayed the video, originally captioned that Malia was “firing off them O’s like a boss.”

The internet actually lost it’s mind over this clip.

Let’s not forget last year’s jaw-dropping headlines of Malia at Lollapalooza- double gasp– smoking weed at the music festival!

Both Malia and her sister Sasha have been scrutinized time and time again by news outlets regarding everything from their errands to their fashion choices.

“Let Malia Live,” has become the slogan that’s taken over the internet the past two days. The quote is referring to the disgustingly excessive amount of news reports and outlets that follow Malia, as well as other children of famous names and politicians.

Chelsea Clinton, child of former president and presidential candidate Bill and Hilary Clinton, and president Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump have even spoken out, supporting Malia in her normal college-student pursuits, having been subjects of various news headlines themselves over the years.

Many people joined in on the movement, expressing how ridiculous it was that Malia’s name is being used for clickbait headlines.

Do you guys remember being 19 and in college? Probably recalling some of the best years of your life, right?

So… Does Malia not deserve that time as well?

Everyone knows that too much media can be toxic on the mind, but at what point in history did it become okay to spotlight children and teenagers and their everyday life, growing up and learning?

Furthermore, Malia Obama is the daughter of the former president and first lady, both whom are Harvard graduates themselves. She is bound to be a young woman with a heightened sense of awareness, so I really don’t think we have to “worry” about her daily life too much.

I seriously give Malia props for the way she’s handled the media so far. Not once has she or her sister lashed out over the media’s watchful eye, always keeping to themselves and maintaining a poised level of sophistication that they will surely carry with them throughout the rest of their lives.

Obama’s daughters are, at the end of the day, people just like you, I and everyone else walking in this planet. Hopefully this will be the last article I cover of you like this, Malia, and here’s to wishing you a successful, but most of all fun, four years at Harvard.