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Let Idris Elba’s iconic ‘Du-Rag Wisdom’ guide you to a successful 2019

The du-rag — any man who possesses one with the right mindset can inspire many as the powers it holds are mighty. Besides somehow creating a pattern of waves in your hair that can make you seasick, the du-rag, once tied into place, can give you unprecedented amounts of wisdom.

If King Solomon had an IG back in biblical times he would record himself with one on as he came up with the illest proverbs. Perhaps this was Nostradamus’ secret to how he predicted the future or how Aristotle philosophized about formal logic.

Regardless, whoever has the opportunity to tie on a silk du-rag is a truth seeker and a wisdom finder. The same can be said for Idris Elba, a true master of du-rag wisdom. Recently, the king of all artistic trades has taken to social media, with du-rag on, to share his insight on daily life.

From the few lessons he has preached, many have been inspired. Here are four takeaways from the wavy wise man himself, Idris “Du-rag” Elba:

1. Always strategize to take the higher ground even if your ego takes a battering


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When our egos are pushed it’s important that we all take a deep breath before we burn bridges or fuck up a check. Elba knows this and suggests that we think about our actions subsequently.

It is more royal to control our anger and not let our patience run thin because those who anger you control you. No one who is dreaming of conquering anything allows themselves to lose their cool.

Truth be told, in any setting, you’ll look like an absolute muppet if you let someone get the upper hand over your emotions.

Du-rag power setting: Ultra Violet Wavy

2. It’s your birthright to chase your dreams


Elba advises that we stay away from people who tell us that we are crowding too many lanes. If you want to be a jockey and spin clay — go ahead, mate.

If you want to be an accountant and a skydiver — go ahead, mate. If you aspire to be James Bond and spin the illest records at a nightclub — go ahead, mate!

Life is too short for us to adhere to people who don’t have the confidence to try out new ventures. As Elba said, “I encourage you to stay away from people like that or at least challenge them. Do your thing, don’t get pigeonholed into a box.”

Du-rag power setting: Seasick Spinners 

3.  Be good to yourself, we live in a world that’s thankless

Love yourself.

Time and time again we forget to do that as we help everyone around us. We forget to nurture ourselves. Reward you for being you.

Whether it is five minutes alone, buying some fly ish, or an experience you’ve been dying to enjoy, it’s important to always thank yourself first. Elba reminds us that we owe it to ourselves and “to the heart that beats in your chest,” a pat on the back.

Du-rag power setting:  360° Textures

4. Start evolving ahead of time

To all of you who still haven’t committed to their new year’s resolution already here’s why. You’ve pushed off your evolution for a whole year only to start the new one the same way.

Yes, a new year does mean a new beginning for the world, but you can’t wait to age or better your life with the world. You can only grow if you set yourself up to evolve into a better person.

Like an athlete, you have to train yourself for change. An athlete doesn’t wait for game day to up his performance, that athlete trains over a year or a couple of months in order to evolve to the wanted level.

Gradually implement the change until it permanently becomes a part of your routine and when game day arrives you’ll be ready to crush it.

Du-rag power setting:  Herman Melville