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#LessonsFromNipsey: Don’t let hard times humble you

Adversity is something we can never escape. If you are looking to boss up in life, it’s going to come with its fair share of challenges.

When times get hard we often times look for someone to turn to. We seek out some type of guidance or help. But in this world, there isn’t always going to be someone to lean on during every tough time.

When it comes to adversity you are always presented with two choices. You can choose to drown in your own sorrow or you can find a way to overcome it. Every problem has a solution whether positive or negative.

In Nipsey’s track “Double Up” off Victory Lap, he explains the crossroad he faced and his mindset in overcoming it.

Choosing to overcome the challenges lying in your way usually takes more effort.

“Double up // Three or four times, I ain’t tellin’ no lies, I just run it up // Never let a hard time humble us”

Choosing to rise above your problems enables you to let go of old habits and old patterns of thinking that no longer serves a purpose in your life.

What tends to hold people back is the fear of losing themselves and the fear of the unknown; Not knowing what they’re capable of accomplishing and not knowing how life is going to continue to play out. When you choose to step into the unknown you become the director of your life.

During a sit-down interview with NPR, Nipsey gave us a look into his mindset when he was faced with his toughest challenge yet.

“Once you cross these invisible lines, it’s hard to go back. So I felt myself make a decision: ‘What you gonna do, homie?’”

Nipsey had to choose the music over the streets. It was a hard decision for Nip to make but after the weighing the risk versus the reward, he saw the scales tipping.

After giving up the street life for good, Nipsey dedicated his life to his musical aspirations which have now elevated him to new heights becoming a staple in the rap game.

“I was sitting on my Lincoln, I started thinking // N**** I ain’t gon’ make a hundred mill off in these streets and // more than likely I’m gon’ end up in somebody’s precinct // or even worse, a horse and carriage in front of the church laid off in a hearse.”

Hosting in Costa Messa Last Night 🏁

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Victory Lap

Just because you are making tough choices to better yourself doesn’t mean you’re losing your essence. You are projecting the best version of yourself out into the world.

The “old” you can’t coincide with the new you. Allowing yourself to grow only elevates your wisdom which brings you many steps closer to your dreams.

Don’t be afraid to double up and don’t ever let hard times humble you.

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