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#LessonsFromNipsey: Don’t be scared to put your right hand to God

The sky isn’t the limit, it’s just the view. Being at the top is the gold standard we all strive for. It’s the pinnacle of all success. Everything looks better from the penthouse.

Skyscrapers, jets, and mountains reach high into the clouds. It’s lonely at there sometimes because it takes work to get there. Handouts are never given or accepted. However, to even believe you can make it to the top takes faith, commitment, patience, and the persistence.

Staying true to his morals and code of ethics has allowed Nip to position himself as one of the hip-hop greats. With countless mixtapes that could have been albums, Hussleman has now aligned himself with a fanbase so genuine that he could never fail.

With his “Right Hand 2 God,” Nipsey ends Victory Lap with a message to the world that the marathon isn’t over. Once you reach the sky, it’s only up from there.

“Put my right hand to Jesus, fly like a eagle //

Fight with these demons, shine light on my people”

Nevertheless, Nipsey Hussle is standing in his own truths in this anthem. Throughout the track, he summarizes what his life is like now and he explains the dichotomy of how he’s arrived to this point.

With his faith in God, Nip found the strength to confront his biggest fears. In business especially, when you choose the legitimate route, it takes patience to get rich.

The money does not move as fast in comparison to the streets. In our country, money equals freedom. Without it, you’re looked down on as a second-class citizen.

Knowing this, Nip put his head down and worked even harder. Building his All Money In record label as the foundation has opened up multiple streams of revenue for the Crenshaw emcee. Now when we look at Nip and we see five chains around his neck, we know it is well deserved.

Victory Lap

You can’t get complacent when you are at the top. Failing to level up and adapt with the times leaves you vulnerable to falling from grace.

While there is enough room for everyone at the top, you must stay consistent in your craft and continue to level up.

For Nipsey Hussle, not getting stagnant is redefining business models like he’s done many times over, opening new businesses and schools, and motivating his audience with his hustle.

Never forgetting where he came from, Nip continues to use his past as a teacher.

The lessons learned from his past endeavors is why he can remain cool amongst the sharks in this game of life.

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