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Lessons in losses: Why adversity is the best f*cking thing for us

Everyone prefers the easy way out. You do, I do, we all do.

It’s not that we’re lazy or unwilling to put in the work nor is it an issue of not being committed to what the journey takes.

It’s just if there’s an easier route, we’re undoubtedly going to taking it.

America has conditioned us to the finer things in life where speed and quality are in high demand. Everything is laid out in baby-steps and made the easiest way possible in every industry you can imagine.

We don’t want to have to wait for what we want and it better be great when we get it but that doesn’t mean the “easiest route” is necessarily wrong.

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Since children, we were told to work smarter, not harder, and that efficiency is the best way to do business — it’s human nature to want to use less energy and it’s instinctive to avoid stress.

What it does mean, though, is that we should be wary of how our conditioning.

Life is not fair and misfortune is inevitable and if we’re not mentally prepared with how to deal with it, we’ll end up avoiding life’s biggest problems, never evolving and not achieving our dreams.

There are perks to the hard times, it’s just a matter of knowing how to navigate them.

Losses aren’t forever

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People are afraid to do what’s difficult because they think they will fail and people who are afraid of failing think failing defines who they are. But this is far from the case.

We can’t let the possibility of failure make us avoid the challenge altogether. This is not only misguided but it’s a cowardly way to live.

There are lessons in our losses and those lessons ultimately are what we need in order to advance as people. Also, losses aren’t forever.

Every time we dodge a challenge we’re missing out on a chance at learning what we need to equip ourselves with to better confront that same issue in the future.

And that’s the real gem here — trying at something and failing. Whether it be riding a horse, swimming or getting fit — the writing is not on the wall until you try it.

Confrontation leads to progress

A lot of times the reason we’re not seeing the progress we’d like to see in our lives is because we’re running away from confrontation.

Instead of facing the demons, the difficulties, and things that make us uncomfortable, we run away. In turn, we never grow.

The reason we should cherish challenge instead of running from it is that running won’t make problems go away. They will still be there and will remain until they’re conquered.

When hardships arise and we’re vigilant in facing them it forces an outcome, as opposed to running away and avoiding them. Confrontation gives us the opportunity to put them to rest for good.

Leveling up

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For so many of us, the reward for the work we’ve been putting in is waiting behind the hard — not easy — way out.

Not only should we cherish challenges but we should constantly seek ways to challenge ourselves on a weekly basis. Challenges force us to change, and that is something we should always strive for.

P90x prides themselves on their muscle confusion technology which is a method that switches up the exercise routine to keep muscle growth from plateauing. This technology actually applies to the challenges we either avoid or confront on a day-to-day basis.

In order for us to grow as people we must face adversity, or else we risk the chance of plateauing in our personal lives. Tension breeds change and it’s up to us to either step up to the plate to overcome it or to learn how we can next time.

Next time we’re going through a tough time we should try and figure out what it’s teaching us, and instead of numbing it or trying to get out of it.

The very least you can do is try and if you’re able to get back up if you fall, there will be a new you waiting on the other side.