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Lessons from Nipsey: When you’re headed for greatness, everybody can’t go

Rap is often considered a young man’s sport, so to be 32-years-old and just now dropping your first studio album is almost unheard of.

Just to put things into perspective, Jay-Z was 26 when he released his debut album. However, for Nipsey Hussle, he’ll be the first to tell you it’s evidence of a divine presence. It’s also further proof that the real music survives in this game.

Leading up to Victory Lap, we already knew it was destined for greatness. The many years Nip spent preparing for the release of his album is unprecedented. What other rapper has the gall to sell a mixtape for $100?

Staying true to his vision, he was prepared for the moment. Surrounding himself with the right team popularly known as All Money In, Nipsey is showing no signs of slowing down.

Since its release, Victory Lap has taken on a life of its own. What we didn’t know was how impactful it would be on the culture. Nip’s album has inspired entrepreneurs and creatives alike to go hard at their craft.

We are all able to relate to Neighborhood Nip through his stories. Because he’s so transparent, it allows us into the mindset of a boss. We are able to apply his message to our own battles and upheavals we face in our lives.

In aVictory Lap inspired series, our goal is to break down the philosophy behind Nipsey Hussle’s quotes. Each week, we will explore the mindset behind what it takes to be successful, the importance of surrounding yourself with a great team, and the importance of ownership as inspired by Victory Lap.

We’re going track by track and will start off with the lead song on the album “Victory Lap.”

“Circle got smaller everybody can’t go”

When you finally decide to go after what you want in life, it will reveal who is really in your corner. Haters will try to deter you on your journey with slick remarks like “dreams don’t pay the bills.”

On the road to success, not everyone is going to see your vision. Not everyone is going to believe in your dreams. Let the doubters keep sleeping. Regardless of any obstacle thrown your way, you are the type to go get it. Keep running your marathon.

On this marathon of life, it’s important to remember that everyone can’t go where you are headed. If someone on your team is not 100% committed to what you are trying to build, they have to be cut off. It is not beneficial to your long-term success.

If there is any doubt in your establishment, your campaign will be doomed from the start. Build a loyal, trustworthy team who believes in the vision and is dedicated to seeing the vision through. Having a motivated team of bosses that is determined to succeed will only increase your success rate.

Keep in mind not everyone is going to be rooting for you. However, the lack of support is insignificant as long as the squad is rooting for each other. The outsiders will hop on the wave eventually.

“Find your purpose or you’re wasting air”

We all have a purpose in life, and usually, it’s on the other side of fear.

Fear is what is stops us from being great. A lot of the time, others cast their fears onto us and we don’t even know it. This type of rhetoric unintentionally creates fear in the subconscious mind.

For example, say an 11-year-old boy comes up to you and says “I’m going to be in the NFL one day,” and you reply “you’re too small to play.” Depending on the child’s temperament, you projected that fear on him you may have ruined his dream.

The many struggles, trials, and tribulations you’ve gone through have made you the unstoppable force you are today. Think back to all those times when someone said you couldn’t do something and how you proved them wrong.

The many losses you’ve suffered and continue to overcome are victories within themselves.

“Spoke some things into the universe and they appeared”

You will never know the true power that you have until you find your purpose and devote yourself to it. This also means to be unapologetically your most authentic self.

Tell your family members and friends your goals. Make it known to the universe what your end goal is going to be without giving them the blueprint. Then, let your actions speak until the goal is reached.

Let the world be your audience. People will either support you or get out the way because there’s no stopping you on your mission after it’s declared.

Just align your words with your actions and with divine timing, you will reap what you sow.

“Victory Lap”

Making it out of the environment you grew up in is a milestone. To even begin building the life you want for yourself, and for others, is a victory.

For Nipsey Hussle, making it out of the war-zone of South Central Los Angeles is legendary. He is able to tell stories about his upbringing that others from his neighborhood don’t have the luxury of sharing.

We have to realize that we are in a similar position as Hussle. We should not take our positions in life for granted. We are all just one step away from making an impact.