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Lessons from Nipsey: The power of knowing what you’re hustling for

“It’s all I’m tryna do, hustle & motivate…”

Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap is the epitome of hustle and motivate.

Since breaking on to the music scene in 2005, Hussle’s voice has quickly become the spiritual for those grinding to see better days. By speaking his truths, Nip continues to motivate by encouraging us to stand in our own power.

And on his track “Hussle & Motivate,” he reminds us of one very important thing:

“I don’t do this sh*t for nothin… not at all”

Neighborhood Nip’s Victory Lap is an emotional roller coaster, detailing the ups and downs of come up.

During his 13 year journey in the rap game, Nipsey has been able to map out his every move. After overcoming the street and industry politics is, to be in the position he’s in now, is monumental.

“That’s why they follow me, huh? They think I know the way, cause I took control of things, ballin’ the solo way”

Crossing over his business acumen from the streets to the industry seems to be a breeze for the Rollin 60’s Crip. Each project leading up to Victory Lap has been a blueprint for success. Nip’s ability to reinvent his marketing strategy is uncanny to anything we’ve seen.

His #Proud2Pay campaign proved to be genius, selling his Crenshaw mixtape for $100. This inspired Jay-Z to purchase 100 copies of the tape. The $100 price tag wasn’t enough for the All Money In owner. For Nipsey’s next mixtape, Mailbox Money, he slapped a price tag of $1,000 on it.

Nip even perfected the rollout for Victory Lap, by partnering with Atlantic Records to distribute his album. On top of that, Hussle has his hands everywhere from cryptocurrency to stem-schools to changing the way artists can monetize their music.

Every year, it seems Nipsey Hussle finds a new way to elevate the rap game while bossing up in other lanes.

“Trippin’ on all of my moves, quote me on this, got a lot more to prove”

Nipsey still has more to prove and shows no signs of slowing down. Sampling Jay Z’s “Hard Knock Life,” Nip’s “Hussle and Motivate” is a certified banger that’s calling us to do exactly that: hustle and motivate.

When we share our truths, it inspires others who can relate. At our core, we are all connected. We are all trying to survive. Someone somewhere is going through similar circumstances you’ve gone through or are currently going through.

It’s imperative to let those know that there is a way out of whatever turmoil you are or have experienced. Lay the blueprint for others as well as for yourself, and you’ll exceed every goal you’ve made for yourself.

Imagine not being dropping a studio album yet, and yet you have the audacity to drop mixtapes for $100 and $1,000. That takes a huge risk.

In life, it takes risks to get rich. Nevertheless, when you gamble on yourself and know your worth, you will always win.

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