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Lessons from Nipsey: Not everyone can walk a day in your shoes

Nipsey Hussleisn’t just a rapper. He’s a third generation Crip, the business owner of multiple companies and has solidified himself as one of the coldest emcees in the game with the release of his debut studio album Victory Lap.

He is literally redefining what it means to be a gang member from the bottom of the socioeconomic pole and is inspiring an entire generation in the process.

After learning his business savvy in South Central, Los Angeles, Nip continues to use his knowledge to make All Money In a staple in the rap game. Against all odds, Neighborhood Nip made it out of war-zone and is able to tell his story.

Nip knew he was a genius, but never had a platform to show it. As a result, he took his name and carved it in the cement. It’s no coincidence that this whole time, you’ve always known you were special. He speaks exactly about this on the track “Blue Laces 2,” and goes in depth about his story.

When your town starts showing you love, that is when others are starting to see your greatness. Your local haters down the block know it too. Now at this point, there’s no secret about what you can bring to the table.

However, you’ve realized you are a rare breed of hustler trapped in a world of sheep. Sheep who are afraid to chase their dreams because they fear of being outcasted by society. It’s still okay to have your own wave. All you need is your family who has been and is still continuing down for you since day one. Then, it’s all about having the vision and being strategic with your moves.

“Billion dollar project ’bout to crack the cement
So one of our investments had become strategic
Summer roll ’18, man it’s such a season
‘Bout to make my partners look like fuckin’ geniuses”

Not everyone can walk a mile in your shoes. This is why it’s important to never let anyone’s perception of you, define you. Not everyone is going to rock with you because your lifestyle is authentic, but most will.

Although it might seem like we dwell in a society where misery loves company, we must continue to elevate above. We are full of wisdom and it’s our duty to share that wisdom like Dr. SebiRick Ross, and Nipsey Hussle.

Nevertheless, you have nothing to prove to nobody but yourself. But at the same time, there are still people doubting your marathon. As if they think you’re done carving your own path to success.

Of course, this is the follow up to the original “Blue Laces” track which appeared on The Marathon and the reason why Nip even made the #2 was because the king himself, LeBron, was bumping the original track during the Finals one year.

Stay woke and don’t let the hate influence your mindset. You’ll end up working for the same people who doubted you. Channel any fears you may have of not making it, and use it as fuel to catapult you to the top.

Kill any negativity with success and let them know — The Marathon Continues.

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