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Lessons from Nipsey: Make a million dollars while you young

If you made it this far in the #LessonsFromNipsey series, you are not only blessed, but you’re ready to be successful. Victory Lap is continuing to bring new life to the world.

In an era where weirdo rap seems to be the norm, real hip-hop is fighting its way back to the forefront. And while we love having the Lil’ Pumps and Yachty’s of the world getting us turnt to their microwave hits, we still thirst for the meaningful bars and lyrics.

That reasoning alone makes it a blessing to have the upper-echelon emcees like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and J. Cole, who can deliver a damn near classic to us with every project they let go. But there is one artist who will not let us forget that he’s not only arrived but is actually here to stay.

You can find him a hood near you — Mr. Neighborhood Nipsey Hussle.

Victory Lap chronicles Nipsey’s trials and tribulations has grown legs and is now touring the country, energizing fans and entrepreneurs alike. Unbeknownst to most, the 16-track masterpiece comes with a challenge.

Through the music, I was able to sit down with the Slauson Ave. philosopher and find out exactly what Nipsey Hussle’s challenge is and how it came to be.

While driving down interstate 5 with Nip preaching to “Million While You Young,” in the whip, he said,

“Thought a hundred racks was gettin’ rich, risk a hundred years to hit a lick.”

There are few if any opportunities present for those living in low-income areas.

Growing up in South Central, Los Angeles, it was no different for Nip. Gang banging with the Rollin’ 60’s Crips, he is no stranger to gunfights, police raids, being behind bars and navigating through the hood politics. It’s well documented. With all the success he’s having as an artist, it’s hard to believe that a life of crime for Nip was really a reality.

Last Time That I Chec’d 🏁

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His statement was an eye-opener to me. I mean here’s a man that was risking his livelihood for a dollar. Under the circumstances Nipsey Hussle was facing during his come up, it’s understandable to see why he possessed high-risk mindset.

As I continued cruising down the I-5 I said to Nip,

“What was your mindset to stay on course after switching from the streets to the industry.

Nipsey Hussle replied, “They said it take patience to get rich. But I always knew one day I would do it big, then I did.”

This level of thinking can move mountains. Anything worth having takes patience. However, while being patient you can’t be sitting on your ass. You must continue to put in the work and continue to align yourself with your vision.

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However, when your dreams take a while to manifest into reality, fear might start to creep in. When you notice the false evidence appearing real, you’re on the right track.

Quitting isn’t an option. Just because very few people from your neighborhood live to see their dreams fulfilled doesn’t mean you can’t be one of those chosen few.

Then out of nowhere Nip challenged me. The Victory Lap artist said,

“You should try and do what we done, make a million dollars while you young!”

This definitely isn’t a small challenge by any sense. Thank God Nipsey gave the blueprint to how right after his statement. You have to possess laser focus and over-dedicate yourself to the grind.

By saying that, I simply mean you need to have tunnel vision. Don’t worry about what the next man or woman is doing.

“Don’t be trickin’ off your loot you gotta save up”

Don’t spend your money on material things trying to impress someone of the opposite sex. When your energy is focused on the opposite sex, everything you do is dictated by the male or female you are after.

At the end of the day, it’s important to realize they aren’t going anywhere. Once you’re shining, everyone will want to rock with you. So start saving and investing your money in ways that it can work for you.

“Can’t be acting like a b*tch tryna get saved bruh, get that dirt up off your shoulder, step your game up”

Please don’t look for handouts or try to hop on someone else’s wave that you didn’t contribute to. That’s corny and no one wants to affiliate with a cornball.

Hussle Man🏁

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Build a brand of your own so you are able to bring something to the table. Those that are and that have been successful put their all into what they’ve built.

It’s disrespectful to think just because someone’s got it that it means it’s yours as well. It comes with hard work. You can’t put a price tag on hard work.

Victory Lap

“Million While You Young” is one of the most inspirational tracks on Victory Lap. It exemplifies what it takes to reach that milestone.

You have to have a crew that’s willing to sacrifice as much as you are to reach the goals you’ve set. You must be smart with your money and you can’t fake the funk. The world knows when you’re really about your craft or when you’re just flexing. So choose wisely.

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