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Lessons from Nipsey: How to tell the fake from the real

In a world full of lollipops, you gotta stay Succa Proof at all costs. When you reach a certain status in life, there will be leeches thirsty for your success.

Lames will even claim what you grew up living and repping, just for the clout. Nobody understands this better than the young mogul from Crenshaw, Nipsey Hussle.

In the ninth track of his debut album Victory Lap, Nip delivers his most aggressive message from the project on “Succa Proof,”

“I can tell the fake, I can tell the real. Got a purple heart out the battlefield, now watch me levitate to a $100 mil”

When your squad is poppin’ everyone wants to be associated with your crew, and for good reason. The love is obviously there within your squad. The culture that your brand exudes is contagious. It brings a dichotomy of love and hate.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you are able to tell the fake from the real.

There is no secret about Neighborhood Nip’s gang affiliation. Growing up as Rollin 60’s Crip, Nip continues to transcend the meaning of gang culture.

Victory Lap lays out the blueprint for those who have faced similar trials and tribulations to use as fuel to be successful.

Using your power to rebuild your community for the better is what the Los Angeles emcee is preaching.

During an interview with NPR, Nipsey said,

“That’s what this song is about. We ain’t gonna tell you to gang bang; we gonna tell you to buy out the block. And we gonna support the businesses and create tourism around here. This is Crenshaw Boulevard. This is a famous street.”

Nip’s “Succa Proof” is a reminder us that it’s always loyalty before royalty. If you are riding solo or if you’re making boss moves with your squad, don’t sell out. Don’t forget the culture you’ve built and always pay it forward to the community that raised you.

Once you’ve reached the top, don’t let the leeches suck the life out of your brand. Be able to separate the real from the fake, and act accordingly.

Keep it all the way solid with your audience. In return, you’ll have a loyal consumer base who is as authentic as you.

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