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Lessons from Nipsey: How to stay in your own lane while bossing up

When Nipsey Hussle released “Rap N****s,” it set the streets on fire.

Nip channeled his aggression to make a statement –– letting the industry know he is a rare breed of emcee.

While applying pressure to the rap game, Nip is letting the narrative be known that he is 100% his authentic self. There is no fakery, fabricating or games being played when it comes to his lifestyle.

Throughout this West Coast banger, Tha Great preaches individuality. At the same time, Nip gives us a glimpse of his challenging upbringing while still preaching ownership.

Stay in your own lane

One of the key takeaways to remember while getting hype to this hard-hitting slapper is to stay in your own lane. There is nothing better in this world than your own life. You are the director of your movie.

We gravitate toward Nip because from a rap point of view he is in a league of his own. From a business standpoint, there isn’t another artist comparable to Hussle man besides Jay-Z –– hence the “Jigga with the rollie and the vest” line. Hussle’s message is unlike any artist we’ve heard before.

Originality lasts a lifetime and trends die out quickly. Just because someone else is successful in their craft does not mean you have to hop on their wave. Keep creating the dope content and products that are true to you and someone will eventually notice.

You are always one creation closer to a breakthrough. Having tunnel vision will allow you to focus on staying in your own lane.

Don’t pigeonhole yourself

What do you want to be known for? Nipsey Hussle is not just a dope ass rapper, he is a limitless visionary. Often during our lifetime, people try to place limitations on us.

Our parents may tell us to strive to follow in their path because it worked for them. Coaches may advise athletes to stick with one sport because that is what they will become the best at.

When your options are limited, you are now subjected to being labeled. It really boils down to the narrative are you willing to create for yourself. It starts with believing in yourself. Protect your mindset.

Don’t feed into other people’s fear that they are trying to cast on you. Channel those fears into aggression. Use that aggression to become the self-made boss that you know are.

Victory Lap

Once you’ve had some successes, it’s okay to share your journey with the world. You are great. It’d be remiss of you if you didn’t let the universe know.

It’s not flexing, it’s inspiring. Everything we do in life has a direct impact on whoever is consuming what we put out.

Continue to shift the culture while living your best life.