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Lessons from Nipsey: Being self-made means never making any excuses

In the week’s edition of our Victory Lap series, we dissect the lead single from Nipsey’s latest masterpiece.

The third track off the album for “Last Time That I Checc’d” is more than just an anthem dedicated to the West Coast.

Within it is a way deeper message. A coded language is hidden for entrepreneurs and hustlers to decipher.

Throughout the track, Nipsey Hussle preaches that the grind will be worth it in the end.

A vision & a plan

Having a vision is the first step to being successful. But don’t sleep, because, without a game plan, that vision is blind.

Nip gives us so many free gems off this record, reminding us to have our plan of attack mapped out before we jump into future endeavors.

Especially if we want to bring our vision to the life in our physical realities. Having a plan means your prepared for success. During an interview with NPR Nip said,

“I look at it like a blueprint. I understand art reflecting life, but we grew up on art instructing life, with love and from a position of: ‘I been there young bro and I know it’s hard on you but I did it like this; here’s the bread crumbs’. After a while, I felt like it was almost a responsibility for me to give the game up [on record]”

Importance of being self-made

During an interview with Forbes, Tha Great said,

“Being self-made means never making an excuse as to why you can’t take steps toward whatever your goal is.”

Nip starts out the first verse of “Last Time That I Checc’d” by telling us that he’s been self-made from the dribble.

This is important…

During our own personal marathons, we must continue to make sure we are always aligned with our goals. In return, this teaches the discipline needed to be a boss. In the chorus, Hussle also put the world on notice that his self-made progress is legendary.

Self-progression is vital in every aspect of our marathon. If we’re not progressing, we will end up washed out of the scene, and forgotten. We’ll lose touch with ourselves and the world around us because we aren’t growing.

Successful habits are formed by your work ethic. Therefore, if you want to be self-made, the change starts inside of you. Nip said:

“It sounds simple telling people to work hard and never quit, but to really execute and demonstrate those principles takes discipline and faith.”

Victory Lap

In this life, you have to make your own way. If you’re waiting for a handout, you’ll more than likely be waiting for a lifetime. It’s essential to your success to continue carving your own lane.

Coming from the trenches to now being a staple in the rap game, Nip’s progress is nothing short of legendary.

His heartfelt music, gives us a glimpse of Nip’s pain, triumph, happiness, anger, and more. It makes us reflect on our own lives.

It motivates us to grind harder, making it impossible for our dreams slip away.