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LeBron spends offseason turning up and smoking cigars on a beach

While you were at work, sweating out some Tito’s from July 4th weekend, LeBron James spent his day at a beach-side bar smoking cigars and playing some of his favorite tunes.

The King broadcasted his day on Instagram, knowing the whole world would be sick.

After a stinging loss to the Golden State Warriors in the Finals in which LeBron averaged a triple-double, he deserves some rest and relaxation.

That doesn’t mean he isn’t still grinding in the gym.

But it doesn’t seem as though the other Banana Boat members tagged along with him this year. The King is known for taking extravagant vacations during the offseason.

Last year, after coming back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Warriors, LeBron toured the Mediterranean on a yacht with all his pals and the wifeys. The Cavs star is known to be a wine connoisseur, so I’m sure he was hype about this trip.

So far this offseason, LeBron has thrown his son an incredible birthday party, made Tee Grizzley a lot of money by working out to his hit song “First Day Out,” and flexed on Instagram a whole lot.

It seems as though Akron’s breadiest man isn’t as worried about the Warriors as much as the rest of the NBA. LeBron has learned to reward himself for his hard work and take time to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Smart man.

Even though we aren’t quite sure where you are right now, thanks for keeping us updated on your summer activities Mr. James, we all appreciate it.