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LeBron James and MTN Dew Rise recharge us with a new collaboration

MTN Dew has launched their new, “Rise” campaign with LeBron James to motivate individuals around the world to get up and get after it.

Who better to exemplify the notion of morning greatness than LeBron James? Together with PepsiCo, Mountain Dew tapped LeBron in for their newest drink and it is a major rebrand from the previous “Kickstart” energy drink.
Who would LeBron be if he snoozed?

The beverage itself is not touted as an energy drink, yet it has all the components of one.

The company boasts the fact that it has 180 mg caffeine (twice as much as Kickstart) natural fruit juice, antioxidants, Zinc and Vitamins A+C. Certainly, these ingredients are wonderful and provide immunity, brain boost and mental resilience.

MTN Dew Having LeBron James on board makes for a great campaign

It only makes sense to moonbeam LeBron James at the forefront of the ‘Rise’ campaign. He just signed a fresh multi-year deal with Pepsi and is the third most marketable athlete on the globe [according to Nielsen].

Not only that, but he personifies greatness and the ability to rise every morning, rise above adversity and rise to the upper echelon to be amongst the most elite company.

There is no doubt about it that LeBron James is a model citizen. He has nary a blemish on his record – we’re talking squeaky clean. He has risen above the naysayers and carried teammates oftentimes forcing them to rise further than their typical capabilities. Night in and night out, LeBron continuously demands more from himself and those who surround him.

mtn dew rise
Rise Above – Pharrell Ft. Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose

That is exactly what this ad campaign is seeking to illuminate. The advertisement itself does a great job of showing what might have been the case if LeBron did not rise to the occasion and just settled for mediocrity. It then swirls around to show all of the things LeBron does have a stake in (HBO Show, I Promise School, Springhill Company etc.)

A Bev With Multiple Flavors 

The Mountain Dew Rise drink (16 oz. cans) comes in seven different flavors: Pomegranate, Blue Burst, Orange Breeze, Strawberry Melon Spark, Tropical Sunrise, Berry Blitz and Peach Mango Dawn.

Rise once more! The day is young and you can achieve whatever you believe (via Pexels)

The part that the company fails to mention is some of the other ingredients included: Artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and Ace-K. Most caffeinated drinks contain a standard 10 mg of caffeine per ounce whereas Mountain Dew Rise has about 11.25 mg of caffeine per oz. It also contains aspartame which is an incredibly toxic chemical often seen in most ‘Diet’ drinks. 

“’Winning with Purpose’ reflects our ambition to win sustainably in the marketplace and embed purpose into all aspects of our business strategy and brands.”


Winning with purpose sounds great but what is the point of providing an ingredient list without giving the amount as well? On any can of soda, you will see that they list ingredients in descending order. Meaning, the first ingredient that it listed is often the one with the highest content volume.

lebron james mtn dew
He is Risen: LeBron “King” James is the face of Mountain Dew Rise (via PRNewsWire)

For instance, on Mountain Dew Rise they do not tell you how much Citicoline is in the drink – but it is one of the most highly touted ingredients. You can ‘conquer the day’ with Citicoline as it boosts your metabolism, learning, focus and overall mental capacity. 

Citicoline is listed directly before caffeine on the list so therefore it contains more than 180 mg – which is good. Citicoline’s benefits are unclear here because while we know it has somewhere above 180 mg but we do not know how much exactly. The minimum effective dosage for citicoline is 250 mg in order to achieve the desired results mentioned. 

Ascension is key to become who you set out to be (via Unsplash)

So, you can see how it might be tricky to gauge if this product is definitively and absolutely beneficial for your morning health. Most people are on the intermittent fasting train anyway and only start to nourish their bodies once it fully awakens around lunchtime.

Regardless, this product could be the jolt you need to get you started in the morning. Rise above the status quo and break boundaries with a Mountain Dew Rise drink today!