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LaVar Ball teaches his AAU team a terrible lesson in sportsmanship

The world’s most famous helicopter parent is making headlines again but this may have been the strangest stunt LaVar Ball has pulled to date.

After several calls went against his Big Baller Brand team in an AAU basketball game over the weekend, LaVar began ripping into the refs.

The play that pushed him over the edge occurred during a trap on the sideline where it appears a BBB player fouls the ball handler.

Ball disagrees and can be heard saying “that’s not a foul” repeatedly.

In the competitive world of youth basketball, it is common for the coach to work the refs throughout the game, hoping to encourage his team while coaxing the officials into a call that would benefit their team down the line.

But Ball disagreed with the call so vehemently that he yanked his team off the court and they left the gym, leaving many of the players puzzled. It was a playoff game and the BBB team was actually ahead 69-60 at the time of the forfeit.

It would have been interesting if some of the players had resisted their coach’s request and remained on the court. His son LaMelo quickly followed his father’s orders, scooping up his bag and quickly exiting the gym.

Man, LaVar is really losing it.

He’s the leader of 15 and 16-year-old kids, is this the example he wants to set for them?

Maybe a few bad calls went against them, but was it worth forfeiting the game?

All of those kids’ parents have forked over a good deal of money for them to play on that team, I can’t imagine they were too happy.

Come on LaVar, I think you owe everyone involved with the team an apology.