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Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy might be her greatest accomplishment yet

This past Sunday, reality star, cosmetics entrepreneur, and princess of tabloids, Kylie Jenner revealed via her Instagram that she had indeed given birth to a baby girl on February 1st.

The birth of her daughter confirms months of the rumored pregnancy between her and rapper boyfriend Travis Scott, but more importantly, it may have won her a sweet spot in the hearts of, well, everyone.

It’s safe to say that the Kardashian/Jenner family, though rich, famous, and successful, aren’t the most respected or liked.

They’re seen as culture vultures who prey on Black men, athletes, style, beauty, and trends. They’re seen as talentless, attention seekers, and “fake” (both physically and in character) and they’re just not as warmly received as their popularity would suggest.

At any given point in time, Kim Kardashian is ready to strip naked to cause a stir, Khloe is the inspiration behind the “Kardashian Curse”, and Kendall Jenner was dragged for her tone-deaf Pepsi add last year — they’re not without fault.

However, in the midst of the flashing lights and plots of Kris Jenner, the mother and mastermind of the Kardashian clan, it is just as true that we, the public, are guilty of overlooking their humanity. That is until Kylie Jenner’s beautiful video to her daughter.

With 32 million views and counting since Sunday, the reaction to Kylie’s pregnancy has been the most human reaction to their family that I have ever witnessed.

Kim has children, Kourtney has children, and Khloe is pregnant as we speak, but the way Kylie went about her pregnancy has touched even the most staunch of Kardashian/Jenner haters.

Deciding to keep her pregnancy a secret is completely opposite of the Kardashian/Jenner way.

When you watch the video you’ll see that she had a baby shower, family dinners with Travis Scott’s family, and ample other opportunities to make content and money off of the arrival of her daughter. Instead she kept it intimate, like regular families do.

While she still documented it and gave it out to the world, the sincerity is unmistakable. The joy is genuine and she’s truly in love with the entire process. Who can be mad at that?


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Kylie having a kid might be her greatest accomplishment because she might actually get people to see she she has a soul, instead of a plastic prototype that loves African-American culture.

Who knows? I could be wrong and in a couple months be watching a commercial for her new reality show with Travis Scott on E! or whatever.

But for now, Kylie has given us a pure moment — maybe the first and most pure moment her entire family has ever done — and she should be appreciated for that much.