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Kulture Hub’s 8 tracks to get hype to at the gym, the turn up, or at the crib

Everyone has their own playlist to get them in the right mood for a fight, a game, a party, or a session at the gym and over here at Kulture Hub we’re no different.

Getting hype is a universal mood, and it’s a mood we love to be in.

Whether it be at the club or in your house, that turnt energy always brings people together. How can anyone have beef while you’re in a line swag surfing with your favorite people?!

In honor of getting lit, each of us chose our favorite song that goes hard as fuck, peep our choices below.

Meek Mill – “Dreams and Nightmares (Intro)”

Justin Moreno: This is one of those essential house party songs.

When that beat switches up you gotta go crazy. No sane person can hear this song and not scream “HOLD ON WAIT A MINUTE Y’ALL THOUGHT I WAS FINISHED?!?!?”

Every hood function is going to play this song at some point in the night…it’s science. This is one of the hardest songs ever, no contest.

TGOD MAFIA – “Da Power”

Serge: This beat though? “Da Power” is definitely my war song. It’s bound to come on at least once whenever I’m at the gym or on the way to a big meeting.

To be honest, the entire TGOD Mafia: Rude Awakening mixtape is legendary but we can start here…make sure to turn the knob all the way up.

Future – “Super Trapper”

Kuliano: For me it’s gotta be anything by Future (duh) but if I had to pick ONE track it’d probably be something off his new shit like “Super Trapper.” “Zoom” is crazy too and “POA” makes me feel like I just popped an adderall.

Pretty much running that entire album anytime I’m in the gym. If I’m tryna turn up though I’ma bump both Cozy Tapes. “Crazy Brazy” is a great song to get sauced to.

Dimitri Vegas – “Tremor”

Joey Zaza: The song for me is “Tremor” by Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike.

The song is a few years old but I still get so hype to it. It all started the first time I saw them live and the mosh pit broke out during the song…it was insane! Bump this!

Young Dolph – “Get Paid”

Shanny Mac: I have to say that for a song to make it to my most lit list it has to be 3-dimensional.

It has to get me lit in the gym, in the car at obnoxious levels, and in the club. “Get Paid” passes all those tests. It feels like a nod from the Trap Gods to go out and get it.

It’s an ode to setting your price and collecting. It’s like, motivational trap and I’d be totally fine with it being my theme music.

“Rule #1: Get the money first. Rule #2: Don’t forget to get the money!”

PARTYNEXTDOOR ft. Jadakiss – Cartier

Claude: When this track dropped I lost my shit. This song combines smooth R&B and street raspiness. What else could a ni**a want?

It’s a club banger and a headphone knocker. Getting a kiss of Jada’s lyrics is always something special, especially with me being from Westchester.

Party’s voice brings a colorful vibe to the song as well, especially at the end demolishing the track with his high note singing. “Cartier” is truly a banger.

Kanye West – Champion

Nkosi Bourne: THIS SONG IS FIRE AND INSPIRATIONAL AS FUCK. It is one of my top five Kanye tracks.

This musical genius (the song not Kanye, even though he made the song…..shhhhhh) makes a me feel on top of the world even though we all know I don’t got a damn thing. 

Rowdy Rebel – “Computers” (feat. Bobby Shmurda)

Gus P: First off, free Bobby free Rowdy.

But is there a better song to get hype to than Rowdy and Bobby’s “Computers”?

The answer is no, there is not. Literally in any situation if you’re lacking some sort of motivation or that extra little push to get you in that hype state of mind, just throw on “Computers” and watch yourself transform into an absolute savage.