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Kodak Black is sexually assaulting Young M.A. and no one seems to care

Kodak Black

Kodak Black is sexually assaulting Young M.A. and no one seems to care.

The first red flag and cause for concern regarding Kodak specifically should have been back on Feb. 25 when he dropped his latest single “Pimpin  Aint Eazy”.

The track, now well over 15 million views on Youtube, indecently references and violates the sexuality of Young M.A., who has long identified as lesbian.

“I be pulling out straps on the fuck niggas, im a go Young M.A. on these dumb bitches,” he croons on the hook. “I don’t even see the confusion, I’m fucking Young MA as long as she gots a coochie,” he continues in the final verse.

Here we have Kodak blatantly disrespecting and dismissing Young M.A. as a person and human, and yet it did numbers. There should have been mass public outrage and calls for cancelation after the first million views.

In addition to Young M.A., the track off-handly mentions Queen Latifa, who played the famous lesbian role in Set it Off, fucking on the sometimes-androgynous Dej Loaf “like a stud” and tells Missy Elliott, which one can only assume he also believes is gay, to “come and sex him” — clearly sticking to a theme throughout the song.

Yet no one really came for Kodak in the way we all know this vicious internet can.

Just this month Kodak doubled down on what, by now, he clearly knows is a controversial take by commenting on a photo of Young M.A. with Nicki Minaj, implying that he wants to get with both of them.

The comment must have been the straw the broke the camels back because yesterday, after weeks of keeping quiet, the Brooklyn rapper responded on her Instagram calling the rapper out.

“Y’all n—-s weird, bro.. Obviously that sh*t is weird, obviously, he [Kodak] is on some f*ck sh*it.”

If Kodak was trolling, this would have been the time where he apologizes or stops completely and recons with the community he may not have known he’s offended. But the “No Flockin’ artist did nothing more continue he indecent and reckless comments.

Responding to Young M.A. calling him weird, he took to Instagram last night asking why she doesn’t want the D. “I’m talking about, how you a girl and don’t want your p***y penetrated?” asked Kodak.

And while people are starting to catch on and finally give him heat for his comments, many are still very much in the dark about just how harmful his comments are to the LGBTQ community and what his words truly imply.

Shooting your shot is one thing, telling a woman what you want to do to her sexually is assault, and we in hip-hop cannot continue to let that ride.

What’s sad is that this behavior is on brand for Kodak. I mean, just last year he was indicted by a grand jury in Florence in South Carolina on charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct stemming from an incident last November.

The Florence County Sheriff’s Office incident reports that he sexually assaulted a teenage girl at a hotel after playing a show at the Treasure City nightclub. According to the report, the alleged victim first reported the assault to her school nurse, who in turn contacted the school’s resource officer and law enforcement.

Kodak clearly does not respect women and their bodies and the long list of legal troubles, in addition to his comments about Young M.A., confirm that.

This also reconfirms the toxic masculinity that’s allowed to run amuck in hip-hop. This is not the first time Young M.A. has been sexually harassed. West-coast battle rapper and professional troll Daylyt made similar comments last year calling Young M.A. cute and buff and adding that he thinks she’s more attractive than Beyonce and Alicia Keys.

At one point in the interview, Daylyt even says he’s willing to go to jail to get a chance to “touch” Young M.A., which the interviewer, DJ Vlad, made clear wasn’t cool.

I’m not sure if people aren’t reacting because they feel like these men are trolling or if they themselves don’t take Young M.A.’s sexual preference seriously. Either way, there must be some kind of check to ensure that everyone is provided a safe space to create and live.

Right now Kodak is taking that away — for everyone.

If we want rap and hip-hop to continually progress there must be a vigilant effort taken place to make its palatable for all, and that includes women born with vaginas who don’t want dick.

I think M.A. would fade Kodak anyway.