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Kobe Bryant’s most iconic quotes that show the true meaning of Mamba Mentality

Kobe Bryant was always more than an athlete.

He was a husband, girl dad, son, brother, teammate, and still so much more. Yet what separated Kobe from so many of his contemporaries is that he represented an idea; that being that hardest worker in the gym isn’t enough.

You need to want it more than anybody else. You need to have a passion for being the greatest and sometimes that might include sleepless nights.

Kobe showed us that despite having all of the God-given talent in the world, he’d grind like the last man on the bench to be the very best he could be.

This obsessive, compulsive, and unwavering drive to be the greatest could only be defined by one term: Mamba Mentality.

Now, this was something that Kobe had throughout his whole career. It was the reason why he left high school at 18 to pursue his dream in the NBA. It was the reason he got into so many disputes with Shaq during their time playing together.

And it’s the reason he walked away as a five-time world champion with the title of greatest Laker of all time. Kobe’s untimely and tragic death may be something way never get over. But the way he inspired us through his words and his actions will live with us forever.

No matter what walk of life you come from, what your day job is, or what you aspire to be, the Mamba Mentality can apply to you. It’s having that heart to never quit and to rise to the challenge because what you’re chasing is something you love.

It’s stepping out of your comfort zone to pursue something new and taking on the risk because you believe in yourself. It’s becoming the best and still not being complacent with the results.

Kobe inspired not only inspired a generation but many generations to come. Through his mindset we can pay homage to one of the greats by adopting his mentality and seizing every day like it’s game seven.