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Know when to give a f*ck: A guide on how to spend your peace of mind

There is far too much in life worry about. No matter how you slice it: rich or poor, tall or short, handsome or unattractive — hardships are an inescapable reality. Just about anyone can make a reasonable bid, I’m sure, as to why their life is more difficult than the next guy’s. It’s just the way things are.

Now, usually, people deal with life’s hurdles in one of two ways: you have person A) who ignores they exist and goes through life deflecting all things uncomfortable and person B) who suffocates from anxiety because they tried taking on every single care in the world.

These are the individuals who numb and self-medicate to escape reality or the ones who have nervous breakdowns and allow themselves to be overwhelmed with angst.

But you don’t have to live in those two extremes. Life is about nuance and balance.

So I present a third way of dealing with all of life’s miscellaneous bullshit and unfortunate chaos: choose what to give a fuck about. Yes, it’s as simple as finding out what’s important to you, clinging to it, and nothing else.

The reason why person A goes through life like they have nothing to lose and disregards all emotions is because they take on too way many burdens. They haven’t learned how to only focus on what matters to them, for them. Similarly, that the same reason person B is always in panic mode.

When we invest ourselves in too many agendas, we fail. Life in itself is difficult enough; we don’t need to go out of our way and make it more difficult by getting involved with issues that don’t benefit or contribute to our overall success.

So, the first step in knowing what to give a fuck about is finding out what your overall success looks like. The following step would be structuring your life around that goal. Then, finally, confirming that goal every day.

What is it?

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With no direction or planned purpose, it can be difficult figuring out what to care and what not to care about.

When we don’t have a clear-cut purpose or mantra to live by, we end up pulling from all areas, hoping to latch on to something that sticks. It’s in this process that we bring unwanted filth in our lives and the very clutter that causes seasons of fog.

Once you’ve centered on what you’re chasing you can zone out the things that don’t contribute to it. That includes the people, the environment, the lifestyle, the habits; the second you know who you want to become is the moment you begin seeing what you must do to become him.

Zero in on it

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In our defense, this digital age of information does its fair job in both giving us a lot to worry about and then putting it in our faces.

Every day there is someone, somewhere, telling you how badly your attention is needed, how necessary their products are or what you can’t live without. It’s nothing to get lost in a rabbit hole of what not to eat, which neighborhoods to avoid or anything involving politics.

If you didn’t have an idea of what you wanted or who you wanted to be you might have been distracted or even lost, but when your purpose is something you’ve long figured out, you zero in on it and filter out the waste.

If you’re passionate about singing, be consumed with vocal performances, surround yourself with musicians, set goals on how to improve. The same goes for if you want to partner in an accounting firm or run for office — make your life about what you’re passionate about.

When we are intentional about molding our lives around what we know to be our purpose, focusing on what matters will become a seamless process.

Make every day about it

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Every day should be spent pouring into our passion and purpose. When we make new, positive, effort toward where we see ourselves, it expedites the process of getting there, and furthermore, it keeps our eyes on the prize.

A lot of times the individuals who get off track or who get lost caring about all the wrong things are the same ones who forgot what they were trying to accomplish. It’s because they didn’t make every day about what they cared about.

We have the utmost peace of mind when we are doing what we love and concentrating on what makes us happy. Find out what that is for you, focus in on it and make every day about that thing.