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King Vader proves it’s okay to be Black and love Naruto

Who is King Vader? The YouTuber behind the viral sensation Hood Naruto pt. 3. He’s recently partnered with Team Liquid to promote the esports organization’s latest apparel drop – around Naruto Shippuden.

The YouTuber’s creative style of parody for his hood anime videos has caught the attention of over 50 million viewers and counting. You’ve gotta respect the grind as King Vader has opened up an entirely new lane for black creators on YouTube.

Ultimately, he’s created a black-shared experience changing the landscape of anime fandom.

King Vader told BET in an interview:

“I definitely feel like my role when it comes to anime and the hip-hop culture is that I definitely brought it out to the public more, like it’s okay…”

King Vader for BET, April 2020

He continued, “If this is what you like, then wear it, then support it because this anime has supported you at times when you needed it because anime has nothing but great lessons, great visuals, and great storytelling so it’s like, if that [anime] can do that for you, why can’t you represent it outside your house?”

King Vader partnered with Team Liquid to help promote and elevate their new Naruto Shippuden apparel collection – no doubt a smart move.

The US-exclusive collection that will drop at noon PT on Friday, Feb 12 via the Team Liquid Store will feature members of the Hidden Leaf Village alongside Team Liquid iconography.

Click here to access the merch the day of the drop.

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and more will be prominently featured across over a dozen select pieces, including a denim jacket, Jonin-inspired parka, cargo joggers, stylized hoodies, and several short sleeve tees.

king vader team liquid
King Vader rocks Team Liquid’s Naruto Universe Dye Hoodie

For the millennials out there, remember when Naruto first came out? Who would’ve thought that merch created around the show could drip this hard and be this cozy?

The liquid swirl logo print on chest to the Naruto universe artwork printed on back of the Naruto Universe Dye Hoodie alone holds so much detail. Additionally the cozy heavyweight cotton fleece dons Team Liquid and Naruto Shippuden trims making the fit more than official.

We couldn’t be more hype for the drop. Here are a few other pieces from the collection that caught our eye…

team liquid naruto shippuden
King Vader rocks Team Liquid’s Leaf Village Parka
naruto t shirt
Naruto Short Sleeve Tee (Front)
naruto shote sleeve
Naruto Short Sleeve Tee (Back)
team liquid sasuke hoodie
Sasuke Curse Mark Hoodie x Naruto vs Sasuke Cargo Joggers
king vader sasuke hoodie
King Vader rocks Sasuke Curse Mark Hoodie

Make sure to get the Naruto Shippuden collection when it drops on Team Liquid’s store Friday February 12. (Click here.)