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Kim and Kanye’s relationship seen through photos: A timeline

“Why is Kim K trending?” my editor asks me. A simple enough question, and one that stands as a testament to the zeitgeist of our times. Kim K and Kanye’s relationship only adds to the intrigue around both stars, and with it seemingly coming to an end soon, we wanted to explore the photos of Kimye.

Both socialites make headlines whenever they pop out in public. Or whenever they say something out of pocket. And so the tour de force that accumulated when they became a couple was unlike anything we had ever seen.

A true power couple, Kim and Kanye’s relationship stood as a test for how two big celebrities in the limelight together and apart could coexist. And for whatever happens to Kimye, we will always look back at these photos on their time together with rose-colored glasses.

Kim and Kanye’s relationship before … it was a relationship (2010)

kim and kanye relationship
Kanye and Kim hanging together before they officially were together (via Chris Weeks/WireImage)

Kim and Kanye’s “relationship” began in 2003, when they reportedly met. However, their romantic relationship was not declared until 2012.

Thus, this photograph in 2010 is all the more intriguing. Kim and Kanye reportedly shared studio time together in Culver City, California. And before their romance was known, there was clearly respect and admiration for one another.

“He’s a musical genius, so I would be honored to work with Kanye. It’s all in fun. We’re just trying to have a good time.”

Kim Kardashian

*big eye emojis*

Kim and Kanye’s relationship is official (2012)

kim and kanye relationship
Kim and Kanye share ice cream in NYC (via

After Kim went on Today, Kimye showed out on the streets of NYC, and of course there were photos to capture them beaming.

Crazy to think that this was 9 years ago. In the time since, a lot has happened to Kimye, and to many, it’s impressive they’ve made it this far. Look at the smiles on their faces.

Still, there is no faking that emotion, and as we know, especially with Kanye.

First child North is born! (2013)

kim and kanye relationship
Kanye, North, and Kim in 2013 (via BERTRAND RINDOFF PETROFF/ GETTY IMAGES)

The star-studded lovers brought a beautiful baby girl to the world in 2013. After naming her North West, the internet certainly had things to say.

Culture superstars, there was always going to be talk around Kim and Kanye’s relationship. And the birth of their first child is surely one of the most beautiful moments we can remember.

Kimye photos don’t get better than this (2014)

kim and kanye relationship
Kim and Kanye at the 2014 LACMA Art + Film Gala in LA (via Steve Granitz/WireImage)

A couple years into their relationship, Kimye still looked like they were in the honeymoon phase, as evidenced by this photo.

For all the jokes that Kim and Kanye’s relationship gets, they truly looked like a symbiotic couple. Whatever happens to them, either together or separately, I know they both will look back on these photos fondly.

Just look at them.

Kim and Kanye get married in Italy (2014)

kim and kanye relationship
Kim and Kanye get married in Italy (@kimkardashian)

In this iconic photo, Kim and Kanye tied the knot in an extravagant ceremony. Hey, only the best for the best, right?

This Kimye photo will stand the test of time for Kanye and Kim’s relationship. It was one of love, beauty, and bliss.

Kanye and Kim announce a second child (2015)

kimye photos
Kim and Kanye extend their family (via Getty Images)

Kim and Kanye announced in 2015 that they were expecting a second baby together.

This child would be born as Saint, Kanye and Kim’s first son.

Chicago West is born (2018)

kimye photos

After more turbulent years in their relationship (Kim being robbed and Kanye leaving his concert to check on her, Kanye’s feud with Taylor Swift *cough cough famous*), Kim and Kanye welcomed their second daughter and third child, Chicago West.

The cute girls can be seen here with their mother, with love abound.

Kim and Kanye’s relationship hits a rough patch (2020)

kimye photos

We could have picked many more photos up to this point. Kim and Kanye welcomed their fourth child, Psalm in 2019. They made headlines (mostly in Kanye’s case) for the wrong reasons. And Kim impressed many people with her judicial reform efforts.

But it all comes down to this. The snag that could have changed it all for Kimye. Ye… why must you be so out of pocket?

Kanye declared for the 2020 presidential race and mentioned North in one of his rallies. He spoke much about the Kardashian family, and eventually, Kim broke her silence on his problematic discourse.

Kim and Kanye’s relationship will ultimately never be forgotten

Could this last photo have been the moment that Kim realized she needed to think differently about her marriage? It’s not our job to ponder this.

What we can do, is reflect upon these captivating photos, and be happy we were witness to all of them.

There are abundant photos in any relationship, and of course exponential ones with Kim and Kanye. Welcoming a new relationship and then children into the world has to be at the top of the list.

For all the controversy, Kim and Kanye were clearly dynamite together. Let the term “power couple” be set into a new bar after Kim and Kanye’s relationship was born.