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Kierra Luv aims to inspire during this tough time on ‘Take It Or Leave It’

Kierra Luv is a young visionary who doesn’t lose sight of what’s important. In the span of her career, she’s caught the eyes of everyone from Cardi B to Tory Lanez to No Jumper, and even XXL.

Likewise, the “Don’t I” rapstress has garnered over 20 million views on her emotionally-gripping freestyles. In other words, she does justice in rapping and snapping. Lyrically, she uses her wrath as ammunition to silence those who flap their gums. This same pent-up emotion drives Luv to speak on her rough upbringing/trials and tribulations.


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Part 2 🎯

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Still, Luv continues to smile from ear-to-ear. At 18, she’s learned how to cope, take the bad with the good, and remain level-headed. Luv’s pseudonym derives from her middle name and an urge to spread love.

“Kierra is someone who pushes others to be better through her music,” she says about herself. “If I can do it, so can you.”

And as fate may have it, YouTube user Little Much said in Luv’s comment section via YouTube, “Kierra is proof that life does get better, from singing in the attic to being who she is now.”

Music served as solace during Luv’s younger years. She grew up in her grandparents’ small house with “about nine other people.” Her mother worked at a call center, and Luv wasn’t close with her father. In this crowded space, she recalls, watching mom go through domestic violence, and her grandfather’s drinking problem getting bad.


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Can’t Stand It Ft Tory Lanez OUT NOW 😎 Ima keep telling y’all until y’all all listen 👿🔥

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At school, she started penning poetry as an outlet from the chaos. Eventually, Luv transitioned to jotting down rhymes with precision. Her biggest inspirations were Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z. As time progressed, Luv auditioned for The Rap Game. Despite not making it on to the show, her numbers started to gradually increase online as she consistently posted freestyles.

In 2018, Luv did a rendition to Cardi B’s “Money,” which spread like wildfire once she shared it on her Instagram page. Following after, Luv signed to 10K Projects/Electric Feel Entertainment in 2019.

Since then, Luv has been “making good look great.” If you don’t believe me, look at her fashion game. She dons abstract durags over her lengthy, black hair. As of late, she’s been digging Bape. “It’s everything,” says Luv.

The key to being a great lyricist, according to the “Can’t Stand It” melodist, is studying the craft, the audience, and having a team that backs you up. Luv also adds that knowing the law of attraction helps to keep one’s talent intact.

Before creating in the studio, it’s necessary for Luv to play a meditation record, have some snacks on deck and have 1-2 people with her, to see how they vibe out.


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Good Day over a Piano 😳 Rate this 1-10 🧐🔥 @tiernvn #GoodDay #KierraLuv

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During the Rona, she’s been meditating and watching YouTube videos on the mind because she’s “big on psychology and how the mind works.” Her forthcoming 10-track album, Take It Or Leave It, is set to inspire others through these hard times (and also through good ones).

The name blatantly says that whether you’re fond of her or not, she’s going to take over still. The album explores the W’s and L’s that come with love, her past, drip game, money ventures, her dealings with phonies, and what’s ahead. Notable tracks include: “Work It Out,” “Don’t I,” “Bands On The Way,” “W.W.D.,” and “Run Away (ft. Iann Dior).”


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Haven’t slept 🔋

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“Work It Out” encourages the human race to go through the motions. Regardless of what’s happening, it’s best to keep the faith and, well, work that sh*t out. This song, in particular, carries retrospective lyrics about Luv’s upbringing. She lets listeners into her world to show them that it’s possible to make a diamond out of the rough.

Elsewhere, Luv raps about having the support of friends, but also getting it on her own. Despite choosing the easy route, like most one-hit-wonder rappers, Luv decided to work hard and keep faith alive. As a result, Luv solidified her spot in the rap game, and came out stronger.

The soundscape in ‘Work It Out” uses electro synths, violin and piano progressions, open hi-hats, and a booming 808. One notable punchline goes, “Fall in love been worst. I done lost all my hope/ Minus two x’s and y to find my mind like a slope.” She once typed on an Instagram post, “Them prayers work! When you think you lost everything, it only prepares you for a big blessing.”

“Don’t I” sees Kierra Luv flexing with a purpose. Though obtaining success may seem easy, it requires hard work. And Luv is a prime example of what happens when you put in the time. Between lyrics, Luv addresses those who were reluctant to support her and those who once doubted her making it. She raps, “They ain’t wanna give it to me, so I had to take it from’ em.”

Likewise, the rapstress briefly thinks back to a not-so-simple time in her life. As the track moves forward, her lyrics unveil how she strategized her power moves and invested in them. In short, Luv has the key to wealth.

It’s best to stack your bread and spend it wisely. If anyone needs assistance with their spending habit, she’s willing to go the distance. The soundscape includes laser beam recordings, open hi-hats, a drill-ridden base, and lush piano riffs.

First, Luv raps swiftly. Then she takes a sing-song approach to the rhymes a minute into the song before transitioning back to her original delivery.

Like YouTube user Brenda Quintanilla puts it, “It’s about time a real artist stepped up to the plate.” To date, “Don’t I” has amassed over 41,000 streams.


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Have y’all listened to Don’t I yet? 😈

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“Bands On The Way” starts with a sweet guitar before it’s accompanied by a thumping 808 and hi-hats. In “Bands On The Way,” Luv is betrayed by someone she thought would stick around for the long haul. Instead of waiting for them to change their ways, she makes money moves.

She’d rather invest her time into things that’ll get her ahead. To put it best, “Bands On The Way” follows the “C.R.E.A.M.” motto that was once set by the Wutang Clan.

Elsewhere in the song, she thinks back to an old saying that says, “love is a distraction.” She admits that love had her lost in the sauce, but now, Luv plans on devoting herself to the Benjamins.

Although this anonymous person tried to reach back out, Luv said she’ll handle things when she’s back in town. After all, Luv “got bands on the way/I see the picture through the lens.”

Throughout the song, Luv taps into a slight auto-croon cadence. She also presents listeners with this clever punchline, “Lauren know that ain’t no hills, but now you killin me slowly.”


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Make looking good look great 🥺

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“W.W.D.” is based off a vent session between herself and someone else. ” I love when people vent to me, and I can put it down in words,” she adds. The hook stemmed from what this individual unveiled to her, and a past situation inspired the second verse.

After compiling the verses and hook, Luv fled to the studio and went to work! On “W.W.D.,” Luv raps about a lover who’s potentially “on” someone else when they’re “off.”

The way this person speaks about wishy-washy individuals makes her question if they’re doing the same thing. For example: Imagine if a friend of yours talks behind other people’s backs. Eventually, you’ll start to question if that friend talks about you behind closed doors.

Deeper into the track, Luv wonders where it all went wrong. Conclusively, Luv’s boo is making her head spin. Luv is on the fence about leaving or staying. But at the same time, she knows time will heal all wounds if she chooses to bid farewell.

The song showcases Luv’s melodic flow to a tee. At most, “W.W.D.” is a bouncy track full xylophone riffs, hi-hats, 808 slides, and a booming bassline.


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Had to drop a song for you guys ! 🔊 Drop Green emojis in the comment 💚🧪

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Luv’s track “Run Away” explores a terrible split that leaves her questioning, “what went wrong?”

As the track moves forward, Luv unveils that this was God’s work, to remove those who weren’t beneficial towards her well-being, and he sure did answer. Afterward, Luv concludes that they’re on different wavelengths.

She raps, “Though we on the same chapter, we flipping the pages.”

This person saw Luv at her most vulnerable, and now she’s acting cold and distant towards them. Her label bud, Iann Dior, reminisces on his dealings with love. Previously, a slime didn’t want anything to do with him.

However, they sing a new tune now that he’s made it big. He says part of him wants to try again, but overall, he knows it isn’t worth it. The soundscape uses 808’s, faint harmonic cries, and a sweet guitar riff. From beginning to end, the two put their all into the rhymes.

Kierra Luv’s Take It Or Leave It drops on April 24, 2020. Until then check her out on Spotify.