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Kidz ‘R Evil proves that the next-gen is taking over digital content

Queens-native Adisa “Felix” Sobers is changing the way we digest digital content through his creative agency Kidz ‘R Evil. His duty to create dope visuals stems from a need to serve as a truth to those being miseducated by universities and mass media.

Sobers has managed to combine his talents. He is a jack of all trades being well-versed in marketing, advertising, photography, cinematography, editorial design, and literature.

Blending his innovative skills, Sobers allows us to see something we’d see as ordinary in an uncommon manner. Simply put, Kidz ‘R Evil was created to invoke thought, help people think outside the norm, and allow artists to use their creative talents as a method of expression.

Truth be told, the platform speaks for itself. Still, we reached out to Sobers over IG to get the inside scoop on his aesthetic. NYC, definitely, has had an influence on the young visionary. Sobers said,

“NY is pretty much one of the main media capitals of the world and it’s multi-cultural. The vast amount of cultures here has raised my taste level because it exposes me to things outside the norms of my own community. You can easily take a trip to Chinatown or Little Italy and be exposed to a completely different culture and that definitely has an impact on my art.”

The creative agency first started out as a blog on WordPress. Back then, Kidz ‘R Evil was already on fire and in 2008 the digital portal would be voted “Best Blog” by WordPress MU.

After that, Sobers knew he had to “up the par” and in an attempt to stay at the top of the electronic food chain he would pick up a camera, get lost in another creative realm, and allow his lens to tell its own story.

Sobers explained how Kidz ‘R Evil became “bigger than a blog, smaller than a magazine, and more exclusive than a cult.” He said,

“The idea behind Kidz ‘R EVil is a satirical look at how the older generation demonizes and refuses to understand the interests and behaviors of the younger generation. We are dismissed and cast aside like we are “evil…”

Sobers continued,

“It originally started as an online magazine revolving around art, music & culture but it evolved into what you see today because I took up an interest in creating video content. I knew that to make content interesting you have to focus on originality instead of the current trend and that lead me to create content for others.”

With no effort, Sobers seamlessly connects to the culture because he is a product of it. He shows his respect for the visual arts through film fan edits and syncing anime cartoons to dope rap tracks.

Sobers touched on connecting to the Kulture through his content. He said,

“Actually, most of my friends make music so I’m always in a studio session or shooting music videos. I got the bright idea to merge them [anime cartoons to music] when I realized some of the characters I remembered from my childhood had the same kind of personality as the artists I knew and I could make the gestures match as well as I can sync the words. It started to give the characters a personality that you can relate too if you are a fan of the music and a fan of the character…”

Over time, Sobers has mastered his craft. Be like him, pave your own creative path, and rely on a pure passion to drive you to the top. He left some words of wisdom (WoW) for any youths looking to collab or follow in his footsteps. He said,

“Focus on mastery, not clout. All you need to focus on is your passions and your interests because there are going to be days you want to quit but passion will carry you through. Clout will get you fucked up out here but the pursuit of mastery will take you far beyond your own expectations.”

You have the power to create your own world… homie.