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Kevin Hart’s Netflix doc shows no one should beat you at your own game

No matter what your craft, profession, or passion there’s somethings we all face on the regular — universal doubt, breaking into our respective industries, and staying in the game.

The new Kevin Hart Netflix doc speaks on all of those things. How he stays innit even after the scandals, all of the doubters who say he won’t last, and staying versatile in an industry that’s ever-changing.

But recently, I happened to come across a 2017 Terrence Howard and Oxford Union talk where one student asked him what it takes to break into the business. Terrence Howard’s answer blew me away.

“How do you break into something? It’s a little cunning involved in that and a little violence involved in that. It’s aggression involved in breaking into something. So, there’s passion involved in that and that passion is what’s going to drive you…”

He continued to speak on his intolerance for rivalry,

“I have no toleration for rivalry, whatsoever. It’s not black eyes and bloody noses for me, it’s life or death when I’m inthat ring, and that ring is the set and the stage for me. So, I’m coming in there to dismantle you…”

Finally, he closed his answer and said,

“So, if you can’t come in ready for life or death, you think it’s a black eye or bloody nose, you will lose your life in that game. You go in and you destroy them and you break into that business however you have to.”

As creatives it’s important we take what Howard said and apply it to our drive. For sure it’s a hustle. The arduous journey to your summit won’t be easy and it will come with failure, upsets. Many upsets.

Still, you have to make that craft, you are so passionate about, your boxing ring and territory. Therefore, anyone who dares to step foot into that arena needs to face a contender who is not only on his A-game but also ready to kill at will for what they have worked so hard for.

It’s hard to break into any industry but once you break-in what will you do once you’re there? Lose it all to the next person up? How many times have we seen that happen in history?

It’s rare that we see actors like Terrence Howard, comedians like Hart, wrestlers like The Rock, basketball players like LeBron James, or rappers like Jay-Z come along. There’s one reason why. Anytime anyone stepped into their ring or tried to take their crown they absolutely destroyed the competition.

Or even better they adapted and overcame. In the Kevin Hart Netflix doc, he said:

“You can think you got it all together… Something stupid can happen that can take it all away like that.”

Still, amidst the stress of scandal, criticism from the press, and pressure from overbearing fans, he didn’t let anyone take the crown out of his hands.

So, if you want to be this “mogul” or “break into the industry” there’s one thing you have to know for certain and that you have to ask yourself every day. Is this thing that your chasing life or death?

Because for many others, it is “a life or death thing” and that’s what separates a mogul from a 15-minute-celebrity. It’s what separates a short career from a long one.

And, by design, it’s what separates a king from a peasant. So, in reference, to the Kevin Hart Netflix doc, Don’t F**k This Up.