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Kevin Hart flips his cheating scandal into a joke to promote his new tour

Even the best get knocked down.

What makes them great and what separates them from everyone else, however, is that they always get back up. So it’s no surprise that Kevin Hart has taken a few jabs at himself in the trailer for his upcoming Irresponsible tour.

If you didn’t know, a video appeared of Kevin Hart and Montia Sabbag getting really close in Vegas back in September. At the end of the video there was a message demanding money from the comedian.

Because it was extortion and because Kevin and his lawyers got ahead of it, the demands did not have to be followed and the video remained unleaked. The only true damage besides his reputation was Hart’s relationship with his pregnant wife Eniko, to whom he publicly apologized.

The joke in the promo goes:

“Give me one example of me being irresponsible,” Kevin says in the promo, to five other versions of himself. “Boy, we talking about you in that car with that girl in Miami.” Where the lead Kevin responds, “I don’t even know who she is!” Another Kevin character pipes in with, “What about Las Vegas,” where Kevin then yells back, “Fuck you man!”

Lisa Bloom, who was hired by Montia to represent her, says this video is a clear slap in the face suggesting that Kevin was trying to make money off of the situation.

TMZ reports that both Montia and Lisa think that Kevin using the scandal for his tour teaser is “very distasteful.” Bloom said:

“This stuff takes a toll mentally and physically, and now with this tour it’s like this whole thing was a joke.”

Kevin Hart and his wife are still together as she is expecting his next child. He seems unscathed from the whole situation and winning, still. Props.