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Kevin Durant shines off the court with new Otis jersey sale

Kevin Durant is widely known for his unstoppable game on the court. But what he has done in recent years off of the floor has been almost just as impressive. Otis, a stock market for the culture, allows fans to purchase a piece of Kevin Durant’s jersey that he wore for his Nets debut.

Otis is an investment platform that lets anyone buy shares of “cultural assets.” These assets could be anything from a Banksy artwork to Michael Jordan’s game-worn Air Jordan 1’s. Durant’s debut Nets jersey is the latest asset up for investment. It can be purchased and/or traded here.

kevin durant otis
Kevin Durant’s debut jersey (Courtesy of Otis)

The specifics of the sale

Durant’s game-worn jersey is valued $47,600. Still, fans can purchase a piece of the jersey for as little as $10.

Fans will purchase shares on Otis, then watch as they fluctuate just like stocks. Shares can be traded whenever as parties seek to gain a profit. Recent drops on Otis have seen 150% to 400% increases on initial investments.

With the Nets standing as favorites in many people’s eyes to win the championship, Durant’s first game-worn jersey may end up being even more famous and valuable than can be imagined right now.

kevin durant jersey
Kevin Durant’s debut jersey (Courtesy of Otis)

Kevin Durant’s debut in a Nets jersey

Durant’s debut with the Nets was pretty impressive for a guy coming off an achilles injury. After being out for more than a year, Durant showed why he is one of the best players the NBA has ever seen.

In 24 minutes, Durant put up 22 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals. The Nets dominated the Celtics with Durant and Irving, leading to a 125-99 victory.

Even before acquiring James Harden in a trade, the Nets were filled with star power. Durant stands as the headliner, and expectations were high from the moment he signed with the team.


He showed up big in that first game, and aside from injuries holding him out here and there, he has all season long.

For the Nets, it’s championship or bust

Now, as the Nets reach the real stage, the playoffs, it’s championship or bust. What has been a peculiar season has reached the place where teams show whether they are real contenders or not.

The Nets have formidable opponents along the way, should they reach the NBA Finals. What is more, is that they have big teams and players they must go through if they want to reach that stage. And for a relatively small team, it will be easier said than done to shut down the likes of Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

With Otis allowing the sale of Kevin Durant’s jersey, it is all about seeing how the postseason unfolds. Because for those who have a piece of Durant’s first jersey as a Net, the value may only rise. And for Nets fans, they damn sure hope it does.