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Keep whispering fam: An open letter to Kyrie Irving from a Cavs fan

Dear Kyrie Irving,

My first thought when I saw you on First Take yesterday: you’re not as cool as I thought you were. Yeah, you have a cool sneaker line and throw dope parties on boats in Miami but yesterday was not your finest moment.

You were trying so hard to come across as a thoughtful athlete but all we wanted was for you to speak the fuck up and answer questions that, frankly, were fairly reasonable.

Kyrie feels he didn’t owe LeBron an explanation for leaving Cleveland.

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If you were unhappy in Cleveland or something happened with LeBron but you don’t want to address it publicly, that’s perfectly fine.

But, YOU WENT ON FIRST TAKE BRUH, a show where you know they are going to push your buttons, just to bullshit and berate Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith.

We all know they’re a pair of blowhards, you don’t need to turn this into some thought experiment to prove to the world how unfair sports media is or how debate shows unfairly spin narratives. WE FUCKING KNOW.

We’ve been through a lot together, Kyrie.

You made the shot that delivered Cleveland our first championship in roughly three generations and I’ll be eternally grateful for that.

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We all recognize that you’re a special player but I’m not sure you will ever be great and I think your biggest flaw is that you lack an understanding of your limitations.

You will never be able to dominate an entire conference like Kobe – though I know you wish for nothing more than to ride in the backseat of his Maybach and listen to stories about how he scored 81 on that fateful night.

But let us not forget that for two full seasons, the Cavs were better when Matthew Dellavedova shared the court with LeBron instead of you. LET THAT SINK IN.

You wanted to leave Cleveland, a city that would have revered you for the rest of your career no matter what you did. You left that behind for a city whose fans will boo you in your third week if you get off to a slow start.

You think First Take was rough, get ready for whole segments about your psychology on WEEI where a bunch of dotty old racists named Sully try to dissect your every move.

You played on a really good team before and you play on a nice team now. You guys are cute and fun but you still have to play LeBron and you know he’s coming for you.

I guess what I really want to say is, so long Kyrie and honestly, get it together homie.


A Cleveland Sports Fan