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KD gets caught talking shit about Thunder from fake Twitter account

You know that kid in school who no one really liked ’cause they were an asshole and would always say their friends lived somewhere else? That kid is Kevin Durant.

Last night, KD’s Twitter responded to haters as usual but this time was a little different. These tweets made on the small forward’s account were in third person and from the perspective of an outside fan.

The tweets were deleted immediately but multiple Twitter users managed to get screenshots because once something is on the internet, it’s there forever.

Via @harrisonmc15:



It definitely looks like KD forgot to switch Twitter accounts before defending himself.

For a guy who says he doesn’t care about what losers like us have to say, he certainly talks about it a lot. It’s not even like he doesn’t respond to hate on a regular basis, all throughout his official Twitter he argues with fans. I guess KD hasn’t accepted his decision yet and still feels the need to explain himself.

The antics don’t stop there. Through heavy investigation several Reddit users found a secret Instagram account linked to KD.

The account named “quiresultan” is private yet is being followed by numerous NBA players, KD’s family and even some rappers. There’s nothing wrong with having a low-key personal account but my son can’t just be normal. The account in question has been seen all over IG getting into petty arguments with children

Is Kevin Durant using a private, secret Instagram account to argue with kids?

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If all this is actually true or not has yet to be confirmed so until then it’s funnier to assume it is KD out here trying to make it look like he has supporters.

Either way this whole story is hilarious and Twitter has once again gone in.

Things are always better when Twitter gets involved, here’s a few Tweets that make this whole situation that much sweeter.