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Kanye and Kid Cudi’s album ‘Kids See Ghosts’ is 10 years in the making

Kanye West is sending a crack through the matrix again this week with Kid Cudi on the new album Kids See Ghosts, it’s the first collaborative work from the two since “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” on The Life of Pablo.

10 years ago Cudi signed to G.O.O.D. Music beginning the long and highly tremulous professional relationship between the two influential artists. After leaving the label in 2013 the two artists had a falling out, resulting in a Twitter beef that broke fans hearts.

“My tweets apply to who they apply. Ye, Drake, whoever. These n––s don’t give a fuck about me.”

Kanye responded saying, “Do you know how many people wish they could be signed to G.O.O.D. Music? Get their life changed, have an opportunity? Never forget that! I am so hurt. I feel so disrespected. Kid Cudi, we are two black men in a racist world. … Don’t ever mention my name in a bad manner, none of y’all.”

The two made up in a dramatic turn of events, Kanye brought Kid Cudi out in Sacramento, on Nov. 20 before abruptly leaving his show and going to the hospital for the mental instability he had been experiencing.

Kanye has been featured on both of the Man on the Moon albums as well as bringing Cudi on for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, TLOP, and most recently during Kanye’s reinvention of G.O.O.D. Music has released one of the most controversial albums, ye during the most polarized time for his fans.

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Featuring Cudi on the ye album has built even more anticipation for the Kids See Ghosts album being released on Friday, June 8th just a week after the release of Kanye’s solo project.

The cover for the album Kids See Ghosts has been created by the amazingly talented Takashi Murakami who has been a beacon of amazingly detailed pop art and has been apart of Kanye’s look for over 10 years being the artist behind The Graduation cover art, which is uniquely Murakami’s.

Kanye has been sending waves with this newest slew of releases dropping all these albums in the summer, and it has left its mark.

The top seven songs on iTunes are taken up by all of ye. Kanye’s audience has listened to his newest album over 100 million times within three days of its launch and has equivalent 175,000 album sales in one week placing ye at No. 1 Debut on Billboard 200 Albums Chart.

The seven-song album has caught flack for everything from its runtime to the album art, Kanye has really tested the allegiance of his fans whilst at the same time getting new West fans on board for the ride of controversy.

The Kids See Ghost project is going to be a dream come true for fans of both artists because of the chemistry the two have when producing music.

Cudi clearly has a great voice and his control over his vocalizations is instrumental much like Kanye’s approach to the human voice as an instrument like his synthesizers and drums. West and Cudi both use their voice as harmonics for guitar riffs, you can hear this super clearly on “Ghost Town,” the 6th track on ye.

Kanye is president setting when it comes to album release events, for ye were Kanye flew out media personalities, influencers, and music moguls to listen to his album three times on a ranch in Wyoming. For The Life of Pablo, Kanye rented out Madison Square Garden and sold tickets to the listening event for that album.

Before that, the tour for Yeezus was groundbreaking for performance, message, and emotional delivery to the audience with Kanye performing in Mason Martin Margiela on a giant springboard launching him in the air to the rhythm of the beat.

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With contributions from dancers and artist in other media forms, Kanye put on a show that has The Weeknd’s Starboy: Legend of the Fall 2017 World Tour look like a bad Atari emulation.

The highly anticipated project will be having a listening party in LA on Thursday 6/7/18, no further details have been given out but Wests website has updated with 3 locations and two RSVP links for unannounced venues in Miami and Chicago tonight at 6 pm.

Brooklyn is also on the website but with 6/7/18 as the date and no RSVP link.

A connection between the new album and these events has not been made but many speculate that Kanye is going to be hosting events in connection to #ProjectWyoming where Kanye is “bringing Wyoming to (insert city name)”.

We are just as excited to hear what West and Mescudi have lined up for this project.

With all the controversy surrounding West and the attention Cudi has had in the past for mental health, it surely will be interesting hearing what the duo has to say together to the world.