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KANDY and Luke Alexander keep their friends close but enemies closer

There’s a truth in saying that opposites attract. NO BS sat down at Nancy Pantirer Studio with two New York-based producers KANDY and Luke Alexander to learn that differences in their career approaches did not actually put them at odds.

Luke Alexander, a skateboarder-turned-DJ/Producer, is a household name amongst New York clubgoers and has been making his mark on the music world with a range of support from Kaskade, Jauz, and Autograf to name a few.

He’s played some major shows such as Electric Adventure or Minus Zero, and for the latter event, he even suggested adding a full-on winter outfit to the rider. When asked how to prepare a great set he said he likes playing on the fly just like Laidback Luke does and be ready for anything.

Producer-turned-DJ KANDY, who started making music in his bedroom, turned the criticism from online trolls into a successful music career.

His multi-genre style, which includes dubstep, jungle terror and house and a sprinkle of his great personality gained him support from the biggest A-list DJs such as Diplo, Skrillex, and Marshmello. However, he also mentions that such support only translates to bookings down the line.

“That’s how I got my name out to start but I don’t think it automatically translates to bookings. It takes time and there’s so much more you need to be doing.”

Both producers shared the same advice for aspiring DJs who can’t afford the luxury of purchasing CDJs: get your hands on a pair at your local music store!

“That’s a hustle. A lot of DJs ask for that. I’m playing my first club show tonight, I don’t have CDJs, what do I do? And I say, we’ll don’t bring your controller cause nobody like when you bring it to the show and go to the Guitar Center and sit there from the minute it opens to the minute it closes. Everybody there is a music lover and knows that it takes a lot to make it and everyone wants to make it.”