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JUST Water teams up with p1440 to stand against wasteful products harming our planet

Jaden Smith and JUST Water are inspiring others to take a stand against wasteful products that harm our world.

The environmentally conscious company has paired up with three-time Olympic gold medalist and professional beach volleyball player, Kerri Walsh Jennings, on her new event series, Platform 1440 to create a special edition JUST water bottle.

p1440 is a movement founded by Walsh Jennings and her husband Casey Jennings that is inspiring athletes to spend each minute of the day with purpose and intention — all 1,440 of them.

The event series focuses on four pillars: competition, development, health & wellness, and entertainment.  Launching in September, the p1440 event series will host eight events planned for the 2018 and 2019 season.

Men and women beach volleyball players from every corner of the globe will have the opportunity to “elevate the sport of beach volleyball, provide a credible platform for aspiring and professional athletes, grow the volleyball audience and become the leading resource for individuals to live a life full of intention.”


Just Water’s role is to create less plastic waste at the beaches and aid in reducing the overall carbon footprint of the tour.

The custom paper water bottle will promote sustainability and showcase how like-minded brands can positively impact the community and world.

Jaden Smith spoke about how honored he is to create a special edition JUST bottle for p1440 and their events. He said,

“We’re honored to create a special edition JUST bottle with p1440 for their events.  For our first collaboration, aligning with an organization founded by inspiring athletes and based upon enjoying and protecting the beach, ocean, and planet is something I’m deeply passionate about and we’re humbled to support,”

The JUST water bottle packaging is 100 percent recyclable made from 82 percent renewable materials, resulting in 74 percent less in carbon emissions compared to similarly sized plastic water bottles.

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The collaboration between p1440 and JUST will set the tone for the future and will set an example of how the world should approach ending our ocean’s plastic pollution problem. To date, eight millions tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans every year.

According to another study, At least 5.25 trillion plastic particles currently float in our oceans threatening our oceans, marine life, human health, and the viability of critical marine ecosystems.

It’s real AF and JUST CEO, Ira Laufer, knows. He spoke about the progressive partnership with p1440 and how the decision to collaborate was a decision made to better our planet and the people who live in it. He said,

“It’s an honor to be partnering with this talented group of people and with a progressive organization that shares a very similar mission to JUST- making decisions to better our planet and the people who live in it.  We look forward to hydrating the fans with this special collaborative bottle and watch p1440 make a positively disrupting difference in their space.”

Keeping our world clean is a top priority for JUST and p1440.

Beyond both companies’ environmental values they are also aligned in the same vision for inspiring dreamers to create their “wildest realities.” Walsh Jennings expressed how inspiring the brand partnership is. She said,

“JUST water and p1440 are aligned with the same values of the dreamers who have the vision and the devotion to create their wildest realities; people who are not afraid to stand up and create their own path, instead of waiting and hoping that things will change. This is exactly the type of brand with whom we want to partner with at p1440.”

If you’re looking to snag the limited edition JUST water bottle, the p1440 event series will be traveling to four cities in the U.S. — San Jose, Las Vegas, San Diego and Huntington Beach. Ticket sales are coming soon. So, stay updated by joining the movement here.

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