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Just breathe fam: 4 low-key mental health practices to add to your routine

It can be hard to really find time for self-care and keeping up with your mental health. We know you’re busy hustling, planning and envisioning your goals. You don’t need to stop all of that to check in with yourself.

So in honor of World Mental Health day here are four lowkey mental health moves you can incorporate into your day for better mental health.


Call it meditating, connecting with yourself or relaxing, it all can boil down to breathing. Take a minute or 5 out of your hectic day to slow things down.

Your focus will better, your anxiety and stress will be more manageable. Self-care can start with just 60 seconds of slow inhales and exhales.

Speak kindly to yourself

There’s so much constant negativity in the world. People can be shitty to you at work, on the train at home. The least you can do is not add on to that negativity.

Tell yourself what you like about yourself. Remind yourself what your successes are, how strong you are for what you’ve been through.

Do something nice for someone else

Being kind to others has a profound effect on you as much as or more than others. That smile on that stranger’s face when you hold the door open for them?

That’s immediate gratification that you’ve added beauty to the world. Plus, if you believe in karma, what goes around comes around so why not put in some positivity and kindness to cash in on for yourself later?

Be around positivity

Even if your surroundings are bleak or stressful, finding some time around friends or family with good vibes can really make a difference in your mental health.

Say yes to that drink after work, that cyph on the weekend. Or just hit up and text someone and ask about their day.