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Juneteenth vibes: A curated playlist for Black liberation

There are vibes surrounding the crucial day that is Juneteenth, and we have created a playlist to celebrate Black talent and liberation. Music, in particular, plays a big part in Black culture, and it reminds us of the real power of Black art. And, in many cases, it even goes so far as to teach us what most history books failed to do: the truth about Black history.

On this date, it is important to remember not only where it all started. But most significantly, acknowledge where we are going as a society. And, although Juneteenth marks a stepping stone that recognizes historical injustices, there still much we need to work on towards Black liberation.

With that said, Kulture Hub has curated a playlist for you to enjoy during this remarkable day, and to remind you that, through thick and thin, Black culture will always prevail.

Below is a preview of some of its tracks.

J. Cole – 1 0 0 . m i l ‘ (with Bas)

After three years, J. Cole is back with his new album The Off-season. “Took years to reach this form,” he tweeted. Cole’s album features collaborations with 21 Savage, Lil Baby, and Cam’ron and production from Timbaland, Boi-1da, T-Minus, and more.

A love letter to Black talent could not have come at at better time.

Baby Keem – Durag Activity (with Travis Scott)

Released just 2 months ago, for the first time ever, LA rapper Keem included a guest feature in one of his songs. The song comes with a mob-themed video in which he and Travis Scott join forces to escape a dangerous situation.

Chief Keef – Status

Although at the age of 25 he has done all that he wanted to do, Chief Keef was a 16-year-old on house arrest when he first reached national notoriety. Cops alleged that he aimed a gun at them and ran away. No one really knows what happened.

But, like Andre Gee from complex said, given the history of Black people and cops, it is a miracle he left the situation alive.

Thus, perhaps there is no better time to celebrate his talent and achievements.

Dame D.O.L.L.A. – Reign Reign Go Away

And there is no better way to show off black talent than with Damian Lillard. The rapper and NBA superstar released this song about two years ago.

The song is a response to Shaquille O’Neal, another star of all kinds. The song makes reference to one of Shaquille’s old films and mentions Damian’s role in Space Jam 2.

Juneteenth vibes

Whether it is for the history and relevance of the date or just to enjoy Black art, Juneteenth marks a significant point in history.

There surely is a lot more to improve, learn and acknowledge, but it is important to recognize the contributions that Black culture has brought to our times. From Jimmy Hendrix’s to Kendrick Lamar, and all the artists before and to come, Black music has brought us joy, through thick and thin.