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Joe Moore is more than 2 Chainz’s photographer, he’s a businessman

For up and coming photographers and videographers who are starting out in business, it can be overwhelming. As creatives, by nature, we are so content driven that we often forget that the business aspect of our work is just as important.

No one knows this better than director, photographer and editor Joe Moore — who has been snapping flicks of 2 Chainz now for over two years. But even before linking with Atlanta’s best emcee, Moore has been carving his own path to greatness.

Hailing from Davidsonville, Maryland, the seed was planted for JoeMooreProductions when Moore was in third grade. This is due in large part to his grandfather.

Risk taking got me to where I wanna be. (@realitylvn 🔥🔥 edit)

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During an interview on the Justin Odisho Podcast, Joe Moore said,

“My whole inspiration for even picking up a camera was my grandfather. My grandfather was a big inspiration to me. He was somebody who would always film everything. I just actually started toying around with him and he would show me how to use certain things.”

As the years progressed, his affinity for cameras only grew.

“As I started to get older, I would just, you know, become the kid that was filming everything. Even in middle school and high school I was the person who always had the camera. It didn’t matter if it was entertaining or whatever, it was me teaching myself how to use that camera and capture memories with my friends and family.”

It’s safe to say that when it comes to cameras, Joe Moore has always kept that mothaf*ckn’ thang on him. With a burning desire for capturing memorable moments, his high school days would mark the beginning of his hustle.

LiFe is GuCCi

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Moore started out getting paid to film high school parties. After gaining recognition for his firehouse party visuals, he starting getting recommended around the area. Moore’s clout soon opened doors for him to start shooting music videos and doing photo shoots for local artists.

While Moore was grinding, perfecting his craft with the camera, he caught the eye of a popular vlogger in the DMV area, PatIsDope. They would soon partner together and begin making history. Moore would take care of all the video and photography content while PatIsDope conducted the interviews and photoshoots with local and major artists.

Staying in his lane, Moore’s dedication would pay off. After networking with some of the top promoters in the Washington D.C. area, he would go on to meet his first major artist — Lil Durk.

During the The Justin Odisho Podcast, Moore continued,

“I linked up with them [Lil Durk’s camp] through the promoter. I did the show. I did a photoshoot and video shoot for that actual concert when it was in Virginia. I basically became friends with the manager of Lil Durk, and sent them the photos and a video recap.”

What Joe Moore heard next would change his life forever.

“His manager was like ‘Man your turnaround time is great, your turnaround time is quick, I love the work. We got this tour coming up and we’d love to have you be apart of it.’ So that was the first artist that I actually went to be on tour with and really learn the ropes of the industry.”

From there, he would meet the likes of French Montana, Akon, and other major artists. Two years later Moore would find himself at an A3C event in Atlanta with PatIsDope. While there, the duo visited Street Execs Studio to interview Young Dolph, Travis Porter, and Skooly.

After that visit, 2 Chainz’s manager caught wind of the work Joe Moore had been doing for the other artists around Street Excecs and wanted to see if Moore was up for a new challenge.

“[2 Chainz’s manager] approached me and said ‘hey 2 Chainz is looking for a new photographer/videographer. We want to put you on a test try with him. We are going to put you on the road with him for 3 dates. If you are able to mesh well with him and if you’re able keep up with the workflow, we would love to offer you a job’.”

Moore completed the three dates and exceeded all expectations. His fire visuals and professionalism landed him the personal photography job with 2 Chainz. Since then, Moore has been non-stop traveling the world with the PROUD rapper.

“You can be the most talented photographer, but if an artist can’t trust you, it’ll never work.”

Even with all the newfound success, the Davidsonville director has not gotten lost in the sauce. Moore knows how to separate work from play.

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He doesn’t put out content without the artist’s consent. When he’s at the club or venue, don’t expect to see JoeMooreProductions in an artist’s section poppin’ bottles. He’s working.

“The moment you let loose and get drunk or belligerent or just stupid in general, you’re gone. Get the job done first and then have fun. Don’t go overboard.”

Understanding his position in the content game, Joe Moore is now using his knowledge to enlighten creatives. Tired of seeing creatives get taken advantage of, he is now becoming the voice for creators who don’t have one.

Recently, JoeMooreProductions LLC released a Visual Contract Kit for content creators alike. It comes complete with video and photography contracts, release forms and more.

“A major goal that I want is to help and inspire other people that are coming up. I wasn’t given a lot of help when I was coming up and when I was getting into these situations. I want to be able to be somebody who gives people advice. I don’t like seeing people fall on their face and fail.”

Joe Moore’s creative passion has opened numerous doors to endless opportunities unimaginable. His story is just another testament to do what you love with passion.

Mr. Moore, continue to make the #UNDERDOGS proud.