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JLo sheds light on her creative process during inspiring CRWN interview

In a recent interview with Elliot Wilson for the TIDAL CRWN series, Jennifer Lopez explains her work ethic and creative process in order to achieve all that she continues to do.

How the Bronx Made Her

Being a Bronx-native, Jennifer Lopez recognizes the melting pot of sounds that informed her music throughout the years.

During the interview, Lopez listed hip-hop, rap and Latin music as influences to her songs. She described her latest single “Medicine” as James Brown + hip-hop = JLo Pop. Lopez emphasized that this is a formula that changes often because the star does not want to limit herself.

Jenny from the Block also gave props to the Bronx as a school for street smarts that has helped herself and other Bronx artists like French Montana and Cardi B achieve their goals.

These are goals that are harder to achieve as a woman and even harder as a Latina or ethnic woman.

Leading the Next Gen of Creatives

“There’s only one you. And you get to be the best you you wanna be, so long as you work hard at it.”

For her CRWN interview, Lopez gave some advice to aspiring creatives. She charged them to power through jet lag when needed and to take risks.

Accepting criticism in order to better your craft, is the most crucial thing for JLo. Jenny from the Block said that listening to others’ criticism can lead to growth and that it should be met “without attitude.”

“I don’t think you can be an artist if you’re not painting outside the lines.”

JLo also advised artists to take risks, and go outside their comfort zones, as she’s done time and again. Lopez moved to L.A. to pursue her dancing career on In Living Color and more recently took on a different role as Ramona in Hustlers.


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Hustlers centers on four women who are strippers. Lopez’s character, Ramona, is one that she’s never really done before. Ramona sees her remaining viable stripper years closing in and in the wake of the 2008 economic crash, she seeks to create financial stability for herself.

Lopez said, “you inevitably always learn something about yourself” when you take on a role as an actress. She shares that playing Selena was a blessing because she learned that “life is not promised,” and that you never know what is going to happen.

When asked why she felt like she never had to choose between film and music, JLo simply responds in her TIDAL CRWN interview, “cause I didn’t.”

She also delved into her creative process. JLo advised that when creating music it’s important to take your time and let the creative process happen.

“You don’t wanna rush that process,” she said. But you don’t want to record for too many hours straight through either, because you’re performing and that’s an exhausting process.

The Future for JLo

Even though she’s had a successful career JLo still wants to keep creating.

“You know what that makes me wanna do? More.”

After building a legacy, Lopez believes in continuing her legacy rather than protecting it. But even though she has her eye on the prize in terms of her career as a performer, JLo doesn’t forget the important things. As a working mother, she said that making plans in order to spend time with family is essential.

“The more successful you are the more you realize that that’s not the key to happiness…Not things, it’s about love.”

We should be expecting an album to go along with JLo’s next movie Hustlers. JLo understands that we live in a “singles” culture.

This is probably why she’s been releasing tracks lately rather full bodies of work. But albums are what JLo really wants to work on. The Leo born performer wants to share her milestone birthday and will also be going on a Summer Tour starting in June.

Make sure to peep her latest video “Medicine,” too. It’s straight fire!


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